Katy TX standing seam metal roofing

Are you still contemplating whether you should get a Katy TX standing seam metal roofing system? Let us at All Star Roofs help you narrow down the reasons that you should.  

There are a variety of roofing systems, and you might already be aware of that. If you have been doing your research, you will notice that metal roofing in the greater Houston area is becoming more popular. The reasons for this are honestly endless. But there are a couple of reasons that are popular. 

Most of these reasons deal with the benefits that metal roofing brings to the table. These metal roofing systems are made to last, and that is something that people like about that them. It pushes them into making that investment. 

So, now we are seeing metal roofing replacements and installations being a service that is being done more. At All Star Roof Systems, we have been providing this service to clients in the Katy Tx area and all over. So, call us today so that we can get started on your standing seam metal roofing installation today.

Residential Roofs Installation

Making the choice to go with a roofing installation is a big decision. We are sure that when making this

Katy TX standing seam metal roofing

All Star Roof Systems is the roofing company you need to call.

the decision, you were going through the pros and cons and maybe decided the pros outweighed the cons. Or maybe you decided that if you keep putting this roofing project off, you will end up with more than you can handle.
No matter how you came to a conclusion on a roofing installation, it is a great choice. With making this decision also comes choosing the right roofing company. All Star Roofs is the company that you are looking for. How do we know?
The great roofing contractors and experts are what makes us sure we are the best and the right company for you.

Who is All Star Roofs

It’s a great idea to get to know the roofing company that will be working on your roof. We know that clients like to do their research, and we encourage this. All Star Roofs is a roofing company that has been working and rendering services for over 50 years.

Yes, we know that 50 years is a long time to be rendering our services, and we love it. We are a family-owned and operated company, so this is something that we are committed to doing. Since 1965, we have been helping Houstonians and clients in the surrounding neighborhoods and communities with roofing services such as roofing repairs and installations.

 Not every roofing company is the same, but most of us do the same services. So, we had to come up with what would make us stand out from the crowd. One of these is the amazing customer service that our experts show. 

Having great customer service is something that we strive towards, and this is because this is how you’ll remember us. Besides the quality of work that we are going to provide, the way we treat you and keep you up to date with what is going on is important.

Clients like to know what is going on with the project, and we believe they have the right to. So, we make it a priority to let you know what is happening from the beginning to the end. That way, if you have any questions or are thinking about going with a different roofing product, you tell us, and we know. So choose us to do your Katy TX standing seam metal roofing.

Metal Roofing Solution Benefits

Like we said before, metal roofing is taking over the greater Houston and Katy roofing scene. This is mainly because of the amazing benefits that they provide. We can just start with the fact that these systems can last up to 50 years. 

Katy TX standing seam metal roofing

One of the many benefits of getting a Katy TX standing seam metal roofing system.

For many, this is amazing news because they strongly dislike the fact that traditional roofing has to be repaired a lot. So, imagine getting this system installed and not having to repair it or even think about it for years. That’s a great benefit.

In addition to this, because metal is a naturally strong material, these systems can withstand harsh winds, rain, and even hurricanes. So, when a weather system rolls in, once it’s gone, you don’t have to worry about picking up roof pieces from your yard.

Lastly, another big benefit is they are energy efficient. Katy TX standing seam metal roofing has flat surfaces. So, this means when the sun’s rays hit the surface; it bounces off. The home or building doesn’t soak in that heat the way a traditional roofing system would. In the long run, we get clients who tell us they are saving money on their energy bills because of it. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

There are a couple of Katy TX standing seam metal roofing systems that you can pick.

Medallion Lok, Instaloc, Clicklock, and Retrofit standing seam metal roofing are the types of systems that you can choose from. Take a look at each of them and get in contact with us.

Katy TX standing seam metal roofing

Something that we would like all of our clients to know is that our materials are high quality and this was an essential decision for us. For other roofing companies using high-quality materials for their roofing systems might not be a priority. In addition, it might even be much cheaper for them to import materials.

Katy TX standing seam metal roofing

Katy TX standing seam metal roofing looks great on all homes.

To us, this is not the best option. We have a promise that strong and durable metal material is being used. In order to keep to that promise, we have to ensure that the metal material is not compromised. With imported materials, we cannot ensure this. So, what we do is use American material manufacturers, this way, we know that everything is good. 

So, to all our clients, we want to let you know that we do not compromise on your materials.

When you’re ready to start your Katy TX standing seam metal roofing project, just give us a call, and we will be ready for you.

Facts about Katy Tx

  • Visit Typhoon Texas waterpark to cool down in the hot sun
  • Katy Mills Mall has lots of stores for you to shop at
  • You can visit the historic Missouri-Kansas-Texas Depot and learn about Katy
  • For more information about the city of Katy Tx visit its website


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