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Above all else, we provide steel standing seam metal roof systems with expected lives of approximately 40 years. In fact, we enhanced our performance to ensure our products can meet the demands of Hurricane Force Winds. Our manufacturers standing seam metal roof products are designed and installed to stay attached through even the most devastating of conditions.

We want businesses and homeowners to be oblivious to the weather. For example, we protect you from heat, cold, heavy winds, rain, snow, and more. Our metal roofing offers facility managers and homeowners protection and savings that repay the investment you make in a standing seam metal roof system.

Also, the steel roofing systems we offer are all interlocking, non-exposed fastener systems. They provide the most protection for your home from the elements. These products are available in a variety of colors. We often install our metal roofing over an existing composition roof. Should your old roof need to be removed, we will see that it is recycled.

We obtain all of our products from manufacturers in America. We support helping to build a healthy economy. While importing steel and aluminum from other countries can be less expensive, this can compromise the quality.

McElroy Medallion-Lok Standing Seam Metal Roofing Colors

Classic ClickLock Standing Seam Roofing Colors

McElroy Instaloc Standing Seam Metal Roofing Colors

McElroy 138T & 238T Retrofit Standing Seam Metal Roofing Colors


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