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Let the professionals here at All-Star Roofing be your go-to for all roofing endeavors! Our licensed and trained team is more than happy to take on any of your commercial or residential roofing projects. We’ve been the number one roofing company in all The Greater Houston Area since 1965.

You don’t get this good at what you do unless you’ve been doing it for a long time, and we’ve been in the industry for over half a century! Moreover, we’re a family-owned and operated business and have been throughout the duration of our company’s life. Our fantastic roofing business was initially founded by Ron Chappelow, who has intricate knowledge of roofing systems and always specialized in the field.

We also do installments on composition and TPO roofing systems, so we are able to adequately accommodate whatever needs our customers have! At All-Star Roofing, we prioritize our customer’s needs before anything else. You can expect nothing less than quality in our craft.

Regardless of whether you need a Steel Standing Seam or Aluminum Shake, we will always stand by our warranties and promises of exceptional quality and installation; and that’s an All-Star guarantee!

What Can All-Star Do For Your Roof? Just About Anything!

Here at All-Star Roofing, we can truly work with any kind of dream roof you have in mind. Not only that, but we have a wide variety of different selections of roofing designs to pick from. We also offer and honor full warranties on our one-of-a-kind roofs. To give you an idea, we carry aluminum, steel, standing seam metal, and composition shingle roofing designs. We carry such a large collection because we genuinely want to give our loyal customers options to choose between.

For starters, our aluminum roofing is one of our most popular roof types. At All-Star Roofing, we offer our customers a 100% lifetime aluminum roof solution to their commercial or residential requirements. Our aluminum is highly valuable for many good reasons; for one, it’s an incredibly modern and popular look. What’s more, an All-Star installed aluminum roof will last up to many years with no maintenance. Who likes to do maintenance on their roofs more than once a year, anyway? Absolutely nobody, especially not you!

Don’t waste your summer with hot and tiresome maintenance; and instead, just select one of our gorgeous aluminum roof styles and live carefreely.

Not only do our aluminum styles mean little to no maintenance for you and a stylish look, but the durability on them is unbeatable. It can protect significantly from rain, snow, and extreme winds. However, it will also appear lightweight, which means an easy installation process.

Even greater news about our aluminum roofs; they are so strong they will not crack, burn, or warp. Unfortunately, steel roofing designs have the tendency to do these kinds of things, but not aluminum! It’s entirely corrosion-resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about these problematic roofing issues.

Not only is it modern and convenient in many ways to go with our aluminum roofing design, but you’ll also conserve more energy in doing so. This will save you tons of energy and money during your cooling seasons. In fact, it’s been shown that homeowners who swap from traditional roofs to new aluminum roofs we carry at All-Star; they save 20% in heating and cooling costs.

Wow! Why wouldn’t you want to update your roof and save money at the same time?

All-Star Roofing’s Selection Cannot Be Matched

When it comes to the sheer amount of diversity of roof designs, we simply cannot be beaten in terms of our wide variety. While we sure do install a large number of aluminum roofs, we take great pride in our steel variety of roofing, as well.
At All-Star Roof Systems, we offer lifetime steel shingles. Steel is a very popular roofing material like that of aluminum, with many similar features!

Steel is stylish and aesthetically pleasant, but it’s also very long-lasting for years to come. It also resistant to corrosion and can withstand the most extreme of weather. Specifically, if you decide to go with our Centura steel single roofing, you’re making quite the investment. First and foremost, it’s an investment in your wallet because this particular steel roof type is energy efficient; and it also comes with an excellent warranty. If your roof is compromised with asphalt, composition, or wooden shingles, it will likely fall apart not soon after installation. What can also be an eyesore is when black streaks, moss, missing granules, and curling corners appear on your roof. No one wants to be that house on the block that has an unsightly or decaying roof, and now with All-Star Roofing, you don’t have to be.

Plus, when you choose All-Star’s Centura steel roofing, you’re able to choose between multiple different exquisite paint systems and colors, as well as the design used to protect the beauty of your new roof.

Our Roofs Are Made to Last

When you trust our professional roofing team at All-Star, you’re signing up for a lifetime roof of beauty and protection. You will never need another roof again after you come to us, and we set you up with one of our many gorgeous and durable roof types.

Additionally, our roofs are certified with warranties made to last. Unlike many other roofing companies, we don’t use limited warranties to protect your gorgeous home. Our Centura steel shingle roofing warranty is not only the best, but it’s transferable to subsequent owners for up to a whopping forty years post-installation.

And it doesn’t stop there; All-Star also includes a thirty-year fade and chalk warranty on top of that; this ensures incredible color and ability for you to rest easy knowing there’s no high-maintenance roofing care you need to take into consideration. All-Star Roofing Systems are the best in all of Texas because we genuinely care about our customers and expect nothing but perfection when it comes to sprucing up their home’s roof. Since the summer is coming up, there’s never been a better time than now to treat your home to a beautiful new roof system with the professionals here at All-Star to map out your home project along the way!


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