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When it comes to aluminum, you need a roofing company that knows what they’re doing. All-Star Roof Systems provides you with the best aluminum roofing services for your home or place of business. Aluminum is a valuable roofing material that has many uses and benefits. Whether you need it for the roof of your home, garage, or office building, you can count on our aluminum to withstand any punishment.

In addition to their durability, aluminum is environment-friendly and corrosion-resistant. It is also resistant to cracks, burns, warping, and other damage that is common among other materials. Aluminum also is durable enough to withstand strong winds, rain, snow, hail, and more. The material is also lightweight, making it simple to install. Unlike some other products, aluminum can last years with little to no maintenance and look good the entire time.

Homeowners with aluminum roofing have reported up to 20% for their overall cooling and heating costs. Our aluminum products are also made of recycled material, which means you can recycle them if you ever remove them.

About Our Aluminum Roofing

All-Star Roof Systems utilizes the most reliable materials for our clients. We are an authorized dealer for Classic Metal Roofing Systems and their Country Manor Aluminum Shake Roofing. All-Star Roof Systems is the only dealer for this product in the entire greater Houston area. This product is our most popular one for aluminum roofing. Country Manor Shake allows you to have the appearance of actual wood late or shakes without the disadvantages.

Regular roofing tiles use overlapping and short-lived sealants for their weather resistance. Unlike ordinary tiles, our aluminum tiles provide better wind resistance and protection. Our aluminum roofing locks together on all sides and creates a weather-tight seal for your roof. In today’s roofing industry, aluminum has quickly become one of the most popular choices for modern homes around the country.

Aluminum Shake & Shingle Roofing

While our most popular product is our Country Manor Aluminum Shake, we offer many aluminum products for your consideration. For example, we offer Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Rustic Aluminum Shingle and Oxford Aluminum Shingle roofing. When you invest in aluminum roofing, you invest in the aesthetic and financial value of your home. With aluminum roofing, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood.

We offer a variety of designs for your aluminum roofs. Our designs include interlocking panels, direct-to-deck, PVDF coatings, and concealed fasteners. Aluminum roofing consists of a plethora of benefits that make your home something special. These roofs have a rustic charm and come with several color choices. They also include a lifetime warranty, and there’s no need for routine maintenance.

Our roofs can take up to 120 mph hurricane-force winds with a coastal climate guarantee. They are also high SRI and energy star rated, so they save you money and are environmentally-friendly. Lastly, our aluminum roofs have the best fire rating among available roofing products.

Country Manor Aluminum Shake Roofing

As a consumer, you know what you want and what it can do. So when you’re looking for the right aluminum roofing, we can’t recommend our products enough. Classic Metal Roofing Systems’ Country Manor Aluminum Shake gives you the charm of wood shakes with the benefits of aluminum. Country Manor is made from the most reliable materials in the market. This allows your home to maintain a new and beautiful appearance.

Country Manor also allows you to retain a classic style without suffering from the drawbacks. Hard-split wood shakes have been a staple in American homes for generations. Fortunately, our Country Manor Aluminum Shakes keep the aesthetic and adds the advantages of aluminum to your roof. With the best of both worlds, there’s no way you can go wrong with our Country Manor style.

Getting real wood shakes for the same look requires thousands of dollars and requires ongoing cleaning and chemical treatments. Otherwise, your roofing will begin to fail. With aluminum roofing, you get a product that is stainless and weather-resistant. We also avoid potential fires with our high fire-rate, whereas real wood shakes have a high chance of catching fire.

Country Manor Aluminum Shakes have been a product since the 70s but only took off in 1996. The reason for the late launch into popularity. The reason is that its original engineer, Alcoa Building Products, couldn’t push the product correctly.

Once Classic Metal Roof Systems acquired the product, they made it the ideal roofing solution in the world. So no matter what kind of home you have, make sure you give it the right roofing. With Cedar roofing losing its effectiveness and popularity, there’s no better time to get our Country Manor Aluminum Shakes than now.

Rustic Aluminum Shingle Roofing

We know that the aesthetic of our Country Manor style is not for everyone, so we offer several more options. For example, our Rustic Aluminum Shingles are perfect for beauty, protection, and increases the value of your home. It’s a deep, realistic wood grain with a rugged texture that duplicates wood shake shingles. Like with Country Manor, Rustic Aluminum requires far less maintenance and all the other benefits of aluminum.

Our Rustic Aluminum does not split, warp, rot, or mold similar to real wood. You will never need us to come for regular checkups or replace them. Also, like our Country Manor, our Rustic Aluminum has all of the advantages of our products and none of the disadvantages of real wood. Rustic Aluminum Shingles have been protecting homes all over the world for over 50 years. We offer a variety of colors and ensure a lifetime warranty.

Our Rustic Aluminum Shingles are the best non-corrosive, long-lasting, and highly reflective material in the world. While you get the elegant beauty of wood, you also get the durability and reliability of aluminum. All of the shakes and shingles we get from Classic Metal Roofing Systems are given years of innovation and commitment to make them perfect for you.

Oxford Aluminum Shingle Roofing

Our Oxford Aluminum Shingle Roofing is our best and highest quality aluminum product. This roofing gives your home a type of beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and innovation that no other material can compete with. These shingles are designed to maximize performance and use first quality aluminum, 21st-century coating, and are made to improve and guard your home.

With aluminum roofing, like our Oxford Aluminum Shingles, you get low-profile roofing that sheds water fast. This reduces the chances of leaks and damage to your home. They are also rust-resistant and weather protected, so you can enjoy them for years without worry about replacement or maintenance.


When it comes to home improvement, aluminum roofing has become one of the most popular aspects. The reason is that aluminum roofing has a staggering amount of advantages that outweigh traditional roofing, such as real wood grain. While other roofing materials lose their value relatively quickly, aluminum benefits from its long-lasting advantages.

Our aluminum roofing allows you to match your neighborhood’s style while still gaining a modern solution to roof protection. Aluminum roofing also lasts at least 50 years and requires no maintenance. These roofs also save you energy by keeping your home cooler. Aluminum is also lightweight and helps keep the integrity of your house for longer. Our aluminum roofs are also incredibly fire-resistant, making them durable and dependable.

All-Star Roof Systems’ Classic Advantages

These benefits are universal with aluminum roofing, but there’s always room to do more. With the All-Star Roof Systems’ Classic Advantage, you get even more out of your roofing. With our, Classic Advantage offers benefits that competing products will not include. One of these advantages is concealed fasteners to maintain the beauty of your home and block out weather. They also come with a special hi-R Heat Barrier Finish that reflects radiant heat, even in darker colors.

Our Classic Advantages also come in a wide range of colors to match today’s trends and client preferences. All-Star Roof Systems’ Classic Advantage also includes a 40-year transferable limited warranty for all homeowners. What this means is that if you sell your house to someone else, the warranty is transferred to them at no charge.

Our manufacturers have over thirty years of experience, and our products are up to 95% recyclable. Our Classic Advantage includes flashing designs, like our “no-clog” valley system. We also offer factory-formed custom flashings and products that weigh as low as 0.45 pounds per square foot. Along with our fantastic customer service, you can be sure that we’ve got everything you need for the best aluminum roofing.

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All-Star Roof Systems is here to provide you with everything you need for the right roof for your home. Whether you need our Country Manor Aluminum, Rustic Aluminum, or Oxford Aluminum, we are dedicated to bringing you the right material at the right price.

We also offer roofing in other materials that work better under different circumstances. Call us today at (281) 987-9000 or find our location online for more information. Don’t wait until you have a problem, make the upgrade to aluminum roofing today.


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