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For the best Houston TX standing seam metal roof installation, there’s no need to look any further. All-Star Roof Systems provides the best roofing solutions for your home. Unlike traditional shingle roofs, our metal panels and other roofing panels are perfect for any kind of house and building. For a long lifespan and energy saving roofing materials, make sure to call us today. We’ll provide quality roof decking for any type of metal roof.

As a roofing company, we know how essential it is to make sure your roof panels are installed correctly. That’s why we offer services to all customers in the greater Houston area. With our expertise, you can enjoy longer-lasting results at an affordable rate. We are a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company, which means we have zero customer complaints. With a proven track record like ours, it’s safe to say that your home is in good hands.

We get the job done right the first time, so you don’t have to pay again to have it fixed. All-Star Roof Systems offers business hours from Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We also understand that disaster can strike at any moment on any day. As a result, we also offer emergency services for situations such as hurricane and storm damage, wildfires, and falling debris damage. So no matter what happens, make sure you get the right roofers for your Houston TX standing seam metal roof installation.

Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

All-Star Roof Systems is here to ensure that you get the best metal roofing for your house. From aluminum to steel, we offer metal roofing in the form of shakes, shingles, and standing seams. Our team of installers has decades of experience with all types of metal roofing. We use this expertise to provide the most optimal results and proper protection against the forces of nature. Our goal is to bring our clients the metal roofing so that they can enjoy longer-lasting and environmentally-friendly security.

When Ron Chappelow founded All-Star Roof Systems, he did so hoping to help clients all over Houston. Over 50 years, we have provided thousands of customers with high-quality metal roofing that has stood the test of time. In fact, almost all of our clients have reported up to a 20% decrease in their monthly bills after switching to metal roofs. We want more Houston citizens to experience the same cost-effective and superior results that many have already.

For the best result to be your first result, you need to start with metal roofing. When your old, asphalt roofing reaches its end, you need to upgrade to ensure permanent benefits. While they make up 85% of the world’s roofing, asphalt roofs are not as effective as they seem. It is true that they are cheaper and easier to manufacture than metal, but they come with a variety of problems as well.

For example, asphalt requires so much maintenance and repairs that they end up costing more in the long term. Also, asphalt roofs only last around 20 to 30 years and then get dumped in a landfill. This adds thousands of pounds of waste to our landfills every year.

Our Premium Standing Seam Metal Roofs

All-Star Roof Systems seeks to fix the issues with composite roofing with our metal roofing. When we install metal panels, we do it over the old roofing to avoid adding to the landfills. In addition, our metal roofs last over 40 to 50 years and require no maintenance. Once they expire, we replace and dispose of old roofing, which is 90% recyclable.

We also coat our metal roofing to make sure that it reflects up to 90% of external heat from your house. This puts less strain on your air conditioner and lowers your monthly utility bill significantly. All of our metal roofing options are also fireproof, weatherproof, and stainless to ensure they last longer.

Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Get the best standing seams for your commercial or residential building

Medallion-Lok Standing Seam Metal Roofing

With a life expectancy of around 40 years, Medallion-Lok Standing Seams by McElroy is perfect for effective roofing. This elegant and efficient option uses 1.75″ standing seams that interlock at the edges. This leaves no gaps or space for water and other debris from seeping through. This product also features hidden clips and a snap-together seam. With a Class A fire rating, you can’t go wrong.

ClickLock Aluminum Standing Seam Roofing

ClickLock Aluminum Standing Seams are perfect for a variety of building types. It offers the homeowner a contemporary aesthetic and unusual architectural profile. This product comes in with narrow 12″ panels, but can be scaled and customized to the desired size. With seamless fasteners and well-designed flashings and trims, this option comes with everything you need for a secure roofing system. With vertical panels and powerful aluminum, you get some of the best protection from severe weather conditions.

Instaloc Standing Seam Metal Roofing

With a one-inch seam, this standing seam utilizes concealed clips for installation. We use this product for low-profile seams and solid decking like what you find on small commercial buildings and residential buildings. Instaloc comes in a plethora of colors, styles, and designs that make your roof look the way you want it.

Retrofit Standing Seam Metal Roofing

As one of our most significant products, we put a real emphasis on the paneling and how it is manufactured. The 138T and 238T panels give your house a symmetrical standing seam system and other benefits that other roofing panels can’t provide.

Other Roofing Products

Aside from standing seams, we offer roofing for our aluminum and steel roofing. For instance, our Oxford Aluminum Shingles by Classic Metal Roofing Systems bring your house the most optimal results in weather-resistance and heat reflection. We also have Centura Slate Steel Shingles from Green American Home that provide the strength of steel without compromising on the lightweight roofing.

Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

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All-Star Roof Systems is here to ensure that you get the most outstanding standing seam metal roofing on the market. From Aluminum to steel and beyond, we have just what you’re looking for. Call (281) 987-9000 or find us online for more information. With our help, you can have the best Houston TX standing seam metal roof installation around.

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