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We all want the best from our home. Whether it’s the appliances, utilities, or structure, you need the most reliable and efficient products and services. That includes your roofing and protection. All-Star Roof Systems is here to ensure that you get several different options for your roofing. We offer everything from aluminum to steel roofing and everything in between. One significant product we offer though is our composition shingle roofing.

We ensure that every composition shingle is up to our standards and modernized to provide the best results for your home. While metal roofing is also an incredible alternative to this method, composition shingles are a tried and true product. For generations, these shingles have successfully covered families and businesses across the country.

With our composition shingles, you’ll quickly see what makes them so popular and relied on by so many. Whether you have a commercial or residential roof that you need to be worked on, our team is here to provide the best installation possible. That’s right; our team offers the product, materials, and installation at an affordable rate. So don’t wait forever for a better roof, call All-Star Roof Systems today.

About All-Star Roof Systems

All-Star Roof Systems has been serving the greater Houston area for over 50 years. With our experience and knowledge, we bring customers unbeatable service and expertise that no one else can. We are dedicated to a better means of covering our clients’ roofs. We care about what type of roofing you use because it increases safety and efficiency. And for us, that’s what really matters.

Our founder, Ron Chappelow, established All-Star Roof Systems in 1965 and has always emphasized quality products and customer satisfaction. We always honor our warranties and put our best effort into our craft. From aluminum to steel, standing seams, and composition shingles, we provide everything you need for a safer roof over your head.

Our team can install in industrial buildings, single-family homes, churches, retail stores, apartment complexes, restaurants, and more. We also work closely with manufacturers such as Green American Home, Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Isaiah Industries, and more. With our quality and expertise, you can rest assured that you’ll get the results you need.

About Composition Shingles Roofing

As one of the most popular choices for roofing, our fiberglass composition shingle roofs are the most dependable in the market. Fiberglass composition shingles make up almost 85% of all of the United State’s home roofing systems. The fiberglass mat reinforces the center of the shingle and coated with mineral fillers and asphalt. This triple-layer of protection makes the shingle waterproof. Afterward, a layer of ceramic granules is embedded into the surface of the shingle.

In short, a composition shingle is a shingle layered with asphalt, minerals, and fiberglass to maximize its effectiveness. The reason for its popularity is because of the combination of fiberglass and asphalt. These two elements give the shingle both durability and lighter weight. This is ideal when battling weather conditions or the homeowners’ association.

Composition shingles work well against moisture and are fire-resistant. While it is true that shingles can be blown off by high winds, replacing them are relatively easy. Even if a significant amount of the tiles are blown off, replacing all of them is no problem for us. With a variety of options for customization, there’s no better time to get composited shingles than now.

Composition tiles include a rough texture that makes scaling them a little easier. These tiles are also very quiet during severe weather, so you don’t have to worry about shaking and clapping shingles. Composition shingles are often cheaper than any other option available in the market. These roofs typically last anywhere between 15 to 25 years, and they then require replacement.

Types of Composition Shingles

Our composition shingles come in several different options for customization. From color to the design, you can get the tiles that work best for your roof and neighborhood. Whatever the shape or surface you need them, you can count on our shingles for an excellent fit.

CertainTeed Landmark

When it comes to security, your roof is as significant as any other aspect of your home. You want them to be safe and sealed. With CertainTeed Landmark composite roofs, you gain elegance, reliability, and security for years to come. These composition shingles are designed to outperform every ordinary roofing. With comfort and protection being the top priority, you get peace-of-mind with our CertainTeed Landmark roofs.

Our more vibrant mixture of surface granules adds a new layer to our composite roof shingles. CertainTeed Landmark includes Max Def colors, giving it a more vibrant and more dramatic appearance. Our CertainTeed Landmark roofing is a two-piece laminated fiberglass-based construction with each square weighing around 300 pounds. They also include a Class A fire resistance and are certified to meet the standards required by your neighborhood.

CertainTeed needs its shingles to be free from manufacturing defects, so we offer various warranty options. For instance, our lifetime transferable warranty gives you the ability to transfer the warranty on the house to a new owner if you sell it. We also offer our 10-year SureStart™ warranty, which covers 100% replacement and labor if it’s due to a manufacturer defect. We also provide a 15-year StreakFighter® warranty that protects against streaking and discoloration resulting from airborne algae.

From here, we also bring you a warranty that covers 110 mph wind-resistance for 15 years. You can also upgrade this warranty to our Landmark Premium for coverage of 130 mph winds. All-Star Roof Systems has also been named a ShingleMaster™ for CertainTeed.

Owens Corning Duration

Our Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles are tailored to give you amazing color contrast and dimensions to your roof. TruDefinition is our color platform that gives our composite roofing its bright, vibrant hues and shades. These composite roofs come with a variety of colors and provide you with SureNail® Technology. SureNail® Technology is a groundbreaking roofing technique that gives you the best result for your roofing.

SureNail® Technology gives you the nailing line on your shingles. Owens Corning manufactures a unique fabric strip that increases the strength and durability of the shingle. With the nailing line, you get better gripping power for your shingles. Owens Corning patented the SureNail®, which makes us one of the only companies with access to this revolutionary shingle technology.

This product also offers a triple-layer of protection around the space called the common bond area. The SureNail® also uses the Tru-Bond® sealant to increase the effectiveness of the grip greatly. Besides that, this product gives you a warranty for winds up to 130 mph. When it comes to shingles, having them blown off can lead to interior damage and leaks in your roof. To prevent this, we offer reliable and durable shingles as well as a warranty for replacing any tiles that come undone.

GAF Timberline

GAF’s Timberline® High Definition® Shingles with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology is North America’s number one selling composite roof shingles. These shingles give your home a gorgeous aesthetic and maximize protection. These shingles are stylish and available at an affordable rate. For the most effective and efficient solution for your composition roofing, make sure you get the right and highest rated composite shingles around.

Benefits of Composition Shingle Roofing

Composition shingle roofing comes with a plethora of options for customization. From the color to the design, style, shape, and strength, composite roofing has never been more popular. These shingles are easy to install and just as straightforward to replace. With the average lifespan being around 50 years, you can be sure that replacing these shingles won’t be on your mind for a while.

Unlike traditional asphalt shingles, composite shingles are far more durable and protect homeowners from UV rays, mold, algae, and fungi. These build-ups cause black streaks on your roof, giving it an unappealing look. With our roofs, you can say goodbye to black streaks and hello to fire-resistant, stylish tiles.

Other Roofing Types We Offer

All-Star Roof Systems focuses on quality roofing above all else. Part of that goal is providing every type of roofing our customers may need or want. That’s why we offer other options such as aluminum, steel, and standing seam roofing. These other options are metal alternatives that grant fantastic results.

Our aluminum roofing comes with several choices. We offer Country Manor Aluminum Shakes, Rustic Aluminum Shingles, and Oxford Aluminum Shingles. These aluminum roofs last at least 50 years and require no maintenance. Our steel roofing is similar to our aluminum, as it lasts many years and needs no maintenance. We offer options such as our Centura Slate Steel Shingles. As for our standing seam metal roofing, we offer products like our Medallion-Lok Standing Seams, ClickLock Aluminum Standing Seams, Instaloc Standing Seams, and Retrofit Seams.

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All-Star Roof Systems is here to bring you the best roofing of every kind. From aluminum to steel, standing seams, and composition roofing, we offer everything you need for a better solution for your roofing. Call (281) 987-9000 or find our location online for more information. For an affordable option for your home, get composition shingles roofing from All-Star Roof Systems.


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