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Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost has never been cheaper than with us here at All-Star Roofing Systems!

We have every design you need to ensure complete and total satisfaction. Who doesn’t want to be the envy of their neighborhood? With All-Star Roofing Systems, your new roof will be the talk of the town!

History of Friendswood

The city of Friendswood, Texas, is a beautiful and bustling one. Within The Greater Houston Area, it’s an up-and-coming suburban area that certainly stands out within all Houston sub-cities.

The population of Friendswood is 39,688, at least according to the U.S. census bureau study of 2019. That sure is a lot of people for one town! Of course, these individuals indeed have a home or an apartment.

Or, they could own a business that has a physical location in need of some roofing TLC. That’s where we come in! Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost has never been easier to find than at All Star Roofing Systems.

Why All Star Roofing Systems?

First and foremost, we have been providing the Houston area our services for almost fifty years!

Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost

Come spice up your roof with us today!

That’s quite a long time to be in the roofing industry, and you surely can’t make it that far without knowing your stuff.

We hire the most capable, utmost individuals to work on your roof and installments. Also, at the forefront of our mission is customer satisfaction. If you don’t like the work we’ve done, it’s no problem.

Simply tell us, and we will replace it until it fits your vision exactly how you see fit. Here at All Star Roofing, the customer truly is always right.

Types of Metal Roofing We Offer

Another excellent reason why you should choose us for all your personal and commercial roofing needs? Why, our fantastic selection, of course! While we do carry an extensive variety, our metal roofing options include:

With such a large selection to pick from, there’s no other roofing company to look for when in need of Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost!

Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost

Be the envy of the neighborhood with your new roof renovation!

Let’s do a deep dive into each option!

Standard Standing Seam Metal

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand what this type of metal is. Standing Seam Metal is created to withstand any kind of radical weather.

The roof’s lifespan is over forty years. Plus, in the event of a hurricane, the seam metal roof plates stick together to prevent breakage. There is an extended focus with this type of metal on protection from heat, cold, hail storms, hurricanes, sunlight, and much more.

More so, this kind of steel roofing system also has an interlocking and non-exposed fastener system. This might not sound like English, but what it means is complete protection from elements.

Another bonus to choosing our roofing selections? We recycle your old roofing once it’s entirely removed. What other roofing company do you know of that cares for the environment like we do? Get a new roof and save the planet? I think it’s a no-brainer!

Furthermore, we are quite close with our American roofing material manufactures. We support American companies and are dedicated to the improvement of our economy.

We know that importing aluminum and steel from another country is far cheaper, and we will most likely get far more bang for our buck. However, we have morals that simply will not be compromised.

No other roofing company in Houston can do roofing as efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and economy-helpful as us! Go ahead and try to look.


When looking for ways to hold your roof seam together, there is no better product to choose from than the Medallion-Lok.

Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost

All-Star Roof Systems have some of the most modern roofing techniques.

If you want clean, crisp, visual lines for maximum beauty, then this right here is the proper option for you.

The Medallion-Lok has hidden clips and a seam that snaps together, which in turn excludes the requirement for seaming!

Medallion-Lok is traditionally used for commercial buildings and companies. However, it is highly recommended for large custom homes, as well.


The ClickLock option is one of our most famous roofing types among the selection. Due to the clean and modern aesthetic it has, it truly brings an extra layer of beauty to any structural building.

ClickLock is renowned because it’s made of steel which has heavy-duty and rust-free aluminum.

Plus, ClickLock also uses concealed fasteners to remove rubber washers completely from the screw heads. With this in mind, you absolutely get the look you desire for your roof with this option. While installment can be done on any building, it is mainly used on restaurants and farm outbuildings.


This type of Standing Seam Metal roofing option is a one-inch snap-together that can be put in by using concealed clips.

With low-profile seams and solid decking, this kind of roofing material is recommended for residential and commercial roofing needs. Or, it’s good for any buildings that wish to conserve energy and maintain total protection against unpredictable weather.

The full name of this kind of roofing is McElroy Metal, and it surely is one of the most prominent products for quite an excellent reason. This standing seam is durable yet lightweight and strongly resilient to all kinds of unpredictable weather conditions.

Another giant pro to getting InstaLoc metal? The color selections we carry! We have a huge variety, with colors that include:

  • Regal white
  • Surrey beige
  • Bone white
  • Sandstone
  • Almond
  • Buckskin
  • Ash gray
  • Charcoal
  • Slate gray
  • Matte black
  • Dark bronze
  • Medium bronze
  • Patina green
  • Evergreen
  • Mansard brown
  • Colonial red
  • Patrician bronze
  • Roman blue
  • Terra cotta
  • Regal blue
  • Brandywine
  • Hartford green
  • Brite red
  • PW Galvalume
  • Leadcoat
  • Silver metallic
  • Texas silver
  • Copper penny
  • Champagne

Clearly, there are so many options when it comes down to choosing your roof color and style. Why put off something that’s not only essential for protection against weather but at the same time says so much about you? After all, it is your house or place of business!

Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost at All-Star Roofing Systems has you on all things roofing, with all the options you can think of.


Since you spend so much time in your house, why allow the roof to fall apart? Or, if you’re a business owner, why let people see your location look drab when it could look completely fab?

There is no reason to put it off any longer, especially with the rates we have going on right now. Call us to speak to an expert and see what we can do for you, (281)-987-9000.

Friendswood TX Metal Roof Cost is right here at All Star Roof Systems!

Fun Facts of Friendswood

  • The city was founded in 1895 by two Quakers, who happened to be friends, so that’s where it’s name came from!
  • Friendswood has two school districts- Friendswood ISD, and Clear Creek ISD.
  • It is apart of Harris County in Houston.
  • For more interesting facts, visit our official page!


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