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Why is Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing the way to go? It’s hands down the best way to protect your roof from bad weather. As a Texan, we’re sure you’re familiar with everything we have to put up with on an annual basis. We get frequent and heavy rain, strong winds, and random downpours: in the summertime, this can even evolve into massive hurricanes.

Unfortunately, our community has to deal with expensive repairs and replacements because of the damage done to their homes, and insurance companies don’t always provide their clients with the money they need to fix it. This is entirely avoidable with a metal roof; they’re specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions.

You can thank the materials and methods we use here at All Star for this. Our professionals know exactly which combination is sure to tackle the problems you’re worried about. When you need a metal roof, don’t hesitate to turn to the professionals that know how to get the job done.


Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing

Did you know Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing is customizable?

Standing Seam Roofing is one of many ways to assemble your roof. If we were to explain it as simply as possible,  we’d say that it consists of securely fastened metal panels; this supports and protects the structure it’s upholding. This method is extremely secure, and one of the most airtight. If you’re looking for something that prevents water leakages and is water-resistant, this is the most effective option.

Even within standing seam roofing, there are choices to make: we offer ClickLoc, Medallion-Lok, InstaLoc, and Retrofit. Each of these systems uses different sized paneling, so the ideal option largely depends on the size of your roof. We’re more than happy to get out there to find the measurements that best suit your roof.

Don’t forget; you’re also free to customize your roof as you please – after all, it is going on top of your house and not anyone else’s. Our standing seam roofs come with different designs and trims, so you can achieve any look you’d like. Some of our customers prefer to match the aesthetic of the neighborhood, while others genuinely prefer to stand out as much as possible. Either way, you’ll find something perfectly suitable for your preferences with a Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing from All Star.

Other Roofing Options

Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing

All Star also has aluminum and steel roofing options.

Standing Seam Roofing isn’t the only roofing solution we offer; we couldn’t claim to be the best in the roofing industry if we didn’t offer other ways to get you a high-quality roof. We also provide aluminum and steel roofing. These options have more to do with the material rather than the interlocking method used to arrange them.

Our aluminum options have different designs and styles; the most popular, Country Manor Shake Aluminum, looks notably a lot like wood. Most people would have to look extra hard to see that your roof is made from metal instead. Other options, such as Oxford Aluminum, do keep more of a metal appearance. The panels are extra sleek and are perfect if you’re looking for the best water-resistant roof: pair this with our standing seam interlocking methods, and you have a roof that’s essentially impenetrable. If you’re looking for something that’s extra lightweight, you could always go with our steel options instead.


Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing

You can save hundreds on cooling and heating throughout the year with the help of a metal roof.

After providing services for decades, we’ve come across all kinds of misconceptions about metal roofing: won’t a metal roof make you more susceptible to being struck by lightning? Will your house overheat in the summertime? Some people even assume that metal roofs make more noise than a composition roof. Unfortunately, these people don’t realize that they’re missing out on some miraculous ways to save money.

As experts, we can confirm that none of these presumptions are true in any way: if anything, metal does the exact opposite. The first thing you need to be aware of is that you are no more likely to be struck by lightning with a metal roofing system. You’d think aluminum or steel would increase your chances, but this is simply not the truth. These metal panels have other components in the material that prevent this from happening. Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about this highly improbable event.

Thanks to the nature of the material, metal roofs are also great for leveraging the temperature of your house. The sun’s rays bounce right off of it; instead of absorbing heat, it simply reflects it. The same concept applies during the wintertime: your roof will contribute largely to keeping your home extra toasty thanks to the insulation we provide.

Lastly, a metal roof doesn’t make anywhere near as much noise as you might think. That insulation is a huge help for reducing noise, so you won’t be bothered by any rain.

Metal roofs clearly come with more advantages than your stereotypical composition roofs. Take full advantage of everything you get out of this material and get your Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing from All Star.


Why choose our roof systems over anyone else? Our highly esteemed team of roofing specialists will provide roofing of the utmost quality. After working in the industry for 50 years, we know how to tackle any roofing problem.

Our team is also known for our excellent customer service. Here at All Star, we make it quite clear that you’re our number one priority at all times. Not everyone knows roofing the way we do, but that’s okay; we’re more than happy to walk you through everything. We’ll start with more basic questions; what are your main concerns? Which style or look are you going for? Do you have any other specifications you want us to take on? After we get a solid idea of what you want, we’ll introduce you to the more complicated aspects. This is where we can take a look at your roof measurements and decide on the standing seam method that fits your house best. When you need a Magnolia TX standing seam metal roofing, go to the team that has your best interests in mind: call (281) 987-9000, and we can get started as soon as possible.

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