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Webster TX Pan Metal Roofing

A metal roof can save you 15% on insurance.

Are you looking for Webster TX pan metal roofing? You have come to the right place. All-Star Roofing Systems is here for all your roofing needs. With over 50 years of experience, we are your one-stop-shop for all roof improvements and services.

About All-Star Roofing Systems

All-Star Roofing Systems has the best to offer when it comes to different roofing options for your Webster TX pan metal roofing. Elsewhere, good word of mouth has led the company to get good recommendations. This includes the Classical Metal Roof System and others. All-Star Roofing Systems was started by Ron Chappelow in 1965, and we have grown to be a leader in the roofing service industry.

We also have experience in single-family homes, retail stores, restaurants, churches, apartments, industrial or corporate buildings, and more. All-Star Roofing Systems is sure to always have the best quality in installing roofs for your home.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing has a lot of benefits. One benefit is longevity. Another benefit is the installation of the metal roof. Metal is resistant to fire, insects, bad weather, and other natural disasters. It can also drive out snow, hail, and rain over time.

In addition, metal is lighter than other materials for your roofing purposes. Most metal roofs are about 50 to 150 pounds. The warranties are different, but many back up for up to 20 to 50 years. Due to the lighter weight, you can save a lot on engineering costs and people needed to fix it up. Also, some types of metal roofing can be added to existing roofs without adding on new materials.

There is also a speedy installation that comes with metal roofs. A lot of the materials come in multiple shingles or parts that come together, like 12 to 36-inch panels. Metal roofs are also heat resistant, and a lot of them have a Class A fire rating which is the best rating to have. Metal roofs also minimize heat as much as possible. Metal roofs reflect heat, and in the long run, you save energy as a result. It also allows for snow melting too.

Types of Metal Roofings from All-Star Roofing Systems

Webster TX pan metal roofing

We provide tons of colors that are sure to meet your needs. Whether you want to match your neighbors or create a beautiful look of your own, we’re here to help!

Our metal roofing options at All-Star Roofing Systems are steel and aluminum, composition shingle, and standing seam metal roofing. Aluminum roofing is on-demand every day, along with the others. With aluminum, there are locks on all sides to provide security for your home. The aluminum roofs come with approval from a lot of building codes in a lot of the coastal areas and regions in the Texas area.

For steel roofing, we offer durable protection in the materials with a unique paint system. The durable roof weighs less than your average asphalt roof, yet it has the strength to endure what may come in disasters or circumstances. Steel roofings also carry a warranty for over 40 years to any new homeowner that comes in possession of the roof. And you can rest assured that every component of steel roofing is made in America.

With composition shingle roofings, we offer fiberglass materials to make it more effective. It reinforces the center of the material and is coated with minerals and asphalt. It’s popular because of the fiberglass and asphalt it has. Those two elements also give the roofing durability and lighter weight for your purposes. For composition shingle roofing, there are three options you can buy: Certain Teed Landmark, Owens Corning Duration, and GAF Timberline.

Lastly, standing seam metal roofing can live at 40 years of use. The standing seam material roof can withstand it all. From rain, heat, snow, or hail, it doesn’t matter. To learn more about your metal roof options, visit our website.

Green American Home Warranty for Metal Roofings

Many homeowners buy roofs with warranties that last 40 years t0 50 years or a lifetime. However, composition roofs don’t last that long. A warranty for your home means you have an agreement between yourself and the issuer. That just states if the product is defective or doesn’t work, you can get compensation or a replacement. Warranties are written by the manufacturer, but sometimes the warranty doesn’t take effect until years later. Sometimes, the warranty only covers “certain defects.”

For your Webster TX pan metal roofing, the warranty from Green American Home, one of our manufacturers, will help you a lot.

The warranty from Green American Home can cover anything that could wrong with your roof. This includes failure with the coating, and it also covers fade and chalk and winds that can up to 120 mph and above. Also, the warranty covers damage from hail and other weather that can lead to leaks and damage. It also covers other materials if you ever need roof repairs or replacements. However, this warranty doesn’t cover any damage that results from a bad installation.

Classic Metal Roofing System Warranty for Metal Roofings

Webster TX pan metal roofing

Classic Metal Roofing Systems Lifetime Warranty

For your Classic Metal Roofing Systems needs, the Limited Lifetime Warranty is also the way to go. It covers manufacturer defects like cracking, peeling, flaking, chipping, and splitting. Also, the warranty stays in effect for as long as you have the house. Your roof is protected under warranty from hail and other things that cause leaks. If you decided to sell your home, your warranty becomes a 40-year warranty from the day of the installation. Unlike other services, this warranty can transfer to someone else at no extra cost to you.

The Classic Metal Roofing System warranty also covers materials and labor when you need repair or replacement. The warranty covers the labor and installation of your contractor. Also, keep in mind that when you enter into an agreement with a contract, be sure to always request a copy of your installation workmanship warranty. For over 30 years of experience, there have been only a small amount of warranty claims.

Cost for your Webster TX pan metal roofing

Metal roofing costs less than composite roofing. The metal roofs can save up to 45% on your energy costs. Also, metal roofs can lower temperatures. We also offer discounts that depend on where you live. One discount is UL Standard 2218 with four classes and fire-resistant class A, B, and C ratings. These discounts can cover as high as 30% of your insurance costs.

In the end, you can save at least 20% on energy costs, 15% on your insurance costs, and you can recoup at least 60 % on your resale value when you look for Webster TX pan metal roofing.

Fun Facts about Webster, TX

  • Webster, TX was started as “Gardentown” in 1879.
  • As of July 2020, the population is 11,795.
  • The elevation of the city is 23 feet.
  • Webster’s motto is “Linked to the Future” because of Johnson Space Center.
  • To learn more about Webster, TX, visit the city website.




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