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Chances are if you’re looking for Texas City TX Steel Roofs, it is time to update your old roof. All-Star Roof Systems are the number one choice for metal roofing contractors in Houston and the surrounding areas! We are the Steel and Aluminum roofing experts, so you trust us for a flawless installation the first time!

Texas City TX Steel Roofs

Save money by investing in a stylish metal roof.

Whether you’re looking for a roofing installation or new roof replacement, we have you covered. Houstons number one choice for metal roofs, including aluminum roofing, steel standing seam roofs, and aluminum shake and shingle. We are proud to say that All-Star Roof Systems has provided premier roofing services for over 50 years! Though we are widely known for our high-quality steel and metal roof installations, we install plenty of roofs with traditional materials. Our incredible record of zero complaints has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our sales staff dedicate their time to dealing with insurance companies to ensure you get the best coverage. Not to mention all of our roof contractors and installers are certified with over 20 years of experience. We have plenty of Texas City TX Steel Roofs options for you to choose from for your next home improvement. 

All-Star Roof Services

All-Star Roof Services has the best prices, dedicated contractors, a well-established business model, and experienced craftsman, so you know you will get the best metal roofing experience possible. In addition to offering the best aluminum and steel roofing options, we are also the experts in installing TPO roofs, asphalt shingles, and composition roofs. Due to our versatility and consistency over the year, we have been endorsed by Todd Miller, President of classical metal roofing systems, which is also the roofer’s choice in Houston. Moreover, If you want a company that knows the best products to suit your project and has isolated expertise in roofing, then we are your only choice!

Roof Testimonials

We have many testimonials and reviews from our satisfied clients. To get a better idea of our finshed work we urge you to take look through our browsing galleries to see the finished results of our work. We have a separate gallery for our aluminum shingle and shake homes and a steel standing seam gallery. If seeing our composition roofs intrests you, we have plenty of examples to demonstrate our traditional finished styles. After looking through our pictures and deciding on a style, you can contact us for a complimentary quote. 

Variety of Metal Roofs

Gorgeous Texas City TX Steel Roofs

We offer a wide variety of metal roofs. The styles we install at All-Star Roof Systems are Aluminum shake, Steel shingle, Standing Seam, and composition shingle. Metal roofs are rising in popularity and are now commonly used on several buildings—everything from apartment complexes, churches, fire stations, and even your residential homes. The rise in popularity is mainly due to the new variety of colors and modern and traditional styles for metal roofs. Speaking of conventional styles, metal roofs can now accommodate even the most traditional tastes in style. We create our aluminum shake and shingle roofing to mimic the look of wood shake, shingles, and slate! 

Aluminum Shake and Shingle

Todd Miller, president of Classical Metal Roofing Systems, has recognized us as the exclusive authorized dealer of country aluminum shake and shingle options. Products like Country Manor Aluminum Shake, Rustic Aluminum Shingle, and Oxford Aluminum Shingle roofing, we are the only authorized dealers of these roofing options. If you want the charming beauty and enhanced curb appeal of newly done wood shakes and shingles without the short life span of wood, aluminum shake is your best option. Besides, our premium aluminum roofing materials are an incredible investment and raise the value of your home. Your home will be enhanced aesthetically and can sell for more once it has a metal roof installed.

Why Steel Shingle Roofing 

If you can not decide on Steel Shingle Roofing, please continue reading to learn about the many benefits a steel roof can provide for you. The advantages of steel shingle are its beautiful appearance, energy efficiency, and life expectancy of over 50 years. Did you know that residential steel roofing is one of the fastest-growing options for home improvement? The reasons why make sense as it can save you money and significantly increase your home’s value. We encourage homeowners to consider a metal roof over a composition roof because of the glaring differences. Whereas composition roofs diminish quickly and do not increase the value of your home. In comparison, steel roofs provide you with enduring benefits. Below are the benefits of choosing an All-Star Steel Roof.

  • There are countless styles that can match any home or neighborhood. The homeowners association approves our styles. 
  • Lifetime performance and protection of 50+ years!
  • It cuts cooling and heating costs by 20%. This is especially useful during the hot Texas summers.
  • Interlock technology provides maximum wind-resistant protection.
  • The Centura design can withstand up to 120 mph. 
  • Steel Roofs are incredibly lightweight and actually preserve your home’s structural life. 
  • The steel roof design can withstand rain storms up to 110 mph. You will never have to worry about a leaking roof. 
  • Metal roofs are fire-resistant and protect your home from catching a spark.

We hope you take advantage of the many benefits a steel roof provides. Our competitive prices and lifetime warranty make choosing a steel roof a home improvement easy. The quality material we use makes us the best option for Texas City TX Steel Roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Benefits

Texas City TX Steel Roofs

Our beautiful roofs come in many colors and patterns.

Stand Seam is a great value for its performance and ability to withstand hurricane-force winds. For the past 50 years, we have been testing and improving our materials and techniques to withstand severe weather. As a result, our standing seam metal roofs are able to stay unmoved in devastating conditions. If you live in a place that experiences extreme weather, standing seam is the option for you. Furthermore, we create our steel roofs with interlocking technology to be installed over old composition roofs. This saves you money and time. We make our Steel roofing options in America to support a healthy economy. In fact, we do not believe in importing steel and aluminum from other countries because it can comprise quality. 

In summary, If you are considering a Texas City TX Steel Roofs for your home, we are confident you will love the benefits it delivers! Please take advantage of our free estimate and make your home improvement dream a reality with All-Star Roofs Systems

Fun Facts about Texas City

  • In 1947 texas city suffered a major explosion that destroyed the port and a large portion of the town. 
  • Texas city is known for its bustling deepwater ports in the shoreline of Galveston Bay. 
  • Three duck hunters from Minnesota first discovered Texas City, formerly known as Shoal point, in the 1830s.
  • To learn more about Texas City, Texas, please visit them! 


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