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Are you looking for Texas City TX Pan Metal Roofing? If that’s the case, your search is now over! New-Star Roof Systems is the one-stop-shop for all the metal roofing needs. In the greater Houston area, we are the number one metal roofing installer and steel roof supplier. We are your roof dealers if you want the highest quality steel and aluminum roofs available!

Clear Lake TX Pan Metal Roofing

A metal roof helps protect your home against harsh weather such as hail, rain, and wind.

‘We are Houston’s leading roofing business and service provider for aluminum, metal, and steel roofing, as well as Steel Seam Roofs and Aluminum Shake & Shingle. All-Star Roof Systems has been the first choice for both DIYers and commercial contractors.

We’ve been happily serving high-quality residential and industrial metal roof systems for over 50 years, and we’re just getting better. All-Star Roof Systems is your only option if you want assurance that your steel roof will be installed flawlessly. For a free quote on your Texas City TX Pan Metal Roofing project, give us a call today.

All-Star Roof Systems

We have remained the number one roofing contractor for the past 50 Years. If you need a steel roof installed efficiently, we are the ones to call. All-Star Roof Systems has a dedicated staff that ensures the projects go smoothly. Our sales team is knowledgeable and committed to addressing any issues or questions you may have. The construction of a steel or aluminum roof has never been simpler, thanks to our specialists and expert contractors. The BBB has given us an A+ ranking due to our hardworking team at All-Star Roof Systems.

The Better Business Bureau

By investigating and accrediting businesses, the Better Business Bureau guarantees that the marketplace stays honest. The BBB assigns these scores after evaluating an organization and determining its honesty. They’ll send you a score depending on how well a company follows through with its services. The BBB considers the number of complaints received by the company and how the staff handles them.

The kind of company you own comes next. They’ll determine if it’s in the consumer’s best interests or whether the business is operating under false pretenses. Third, they take into account how accessible the company is. All of these parts of a company are assessed and determine the rating given. All-Star continues to earn A+ ratings annually.

Zero Complaints

All-Star Roof Systems has a remarkable track record of zero grievances, and we are both open and honest on costs and fees. We collaborate with you to prepare the construction of your roof and provide you with a variety of solutions to make the project as simple as possible. We have won several accolades for our skills in the roofing industry since proving our trustworthiness. Not to mention Todd Miller, the president of Classical Metal Roofing Systems, has directly endorsed us. We have the kind of expertise that only years of hard work and experience can create. We’ve learned by trial and error and are continually looking to improve. We will supply you with the best supplies and expertise to complete your tasks better than any other general contractor.
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Clear Lake TX Pan Metal Roofing

Our Texas City TX Pan Metal Roofing can make your home look beautiful!

You can read all of our customers’ opinions and testimonials on our website. We have lots of samples of our work from across the region if you want to look at our roofing galleries.

We have a before and after gallery for composition roof homes if you’re thinking of beginning a standing seam roofing project. For steel roofs in Texas City, TX, we are the best choice. Get in touch with us right away to see the incredible results.


Aluminum roofing is a maintenance-free option that lasts a lifetime. Steel roofing is the popular model from All-Star Roof Systems, which offers turn-key roofing solutions. Because of its many advantages, aluminum roofing is more important than ever. It not only improves the curb appeal, but it also takes very little upkeep. It is very long-lived, lasting four times more than a typical roof. Metal roofs will last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, depending on the temperature.

Weather Resistant

On the other hand, the asphalt roof only lasts for 12 years in the absence of extreme weather. A steel roof can shelter your family from the elements, including strong winds, heavy rain, snow, and wildfires. Steel roofs can withstand winds of up to 140 miles per hour and remain unmoved. Since they are fire-resistant, these roofs can never flare or catch fire. Unlike asphalt roofing, aluminum roofing never corrodes, breaks, burns, warps, or swells. Corrosion resistance is a feature of steel roofs.

Lower Your Energy Bill

Aluminum and steel roofs will improve your home’s efficiency while still saving you money. They lower the cooling costs all year round because they save electricity by reflecting heat. Homeowners who converted to steel roofing have recorded savings of up to 20% on their combined cooling and heating costs.

The aluminum roof’s unique architecture deflects solar radiant heat, which prevents your home from heating like an oven. When the sun hits traditional roofs, the heat is absorbed by the asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles raise the interior temperature of your house.

Recyclable Materials

Clear Lake TX Pan Metal Roofing

Metal roofs offer great protection against rain, wind, and hail.

Metal roofs are a good option for the climate in Texas. We make our steel roofs from repurposed materials. Steel and aluminum roofs are 95 percent recyclable, depending on the roof you choose—conventional shingle roofs, which break quickly and are not recyclable.

Our metal shingles are 100% percent recyclable at the end of its life. When we replace your roof, you don’t have to worry about it ending up in landfills. We replace your current roof by installing a pan metal roof on top of it. The waste produced by conventional roofing materials about to be 20 billion pounds per year.

Texas City TX Pan Metal Roofing

Steel roofing is a long-lasting, attractive, and environmentally-friendly choice. If you want to add value and protection to your house, an aluminum or steel roof is the best option. Please come to us soon and receive a free quote for Texas City TX Pan Metal Roofing.

Fun Facts about Texas City TX

  • The estimated population is 50,000 people.
  • Texas City is apart of Galveston County.
  • There are 42 parks throughout the city.
  • To learn more about Texas City, TX please visit them.


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