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Have you been searching for a Texas City TX Metal Roofing supplier or contractor? Whether you prefer steel or aluminum roofing, All-Star Roof Systems gives you options. We are the best metal roofing contractors in Houston and surrounding areas. The next time you need a metal roofing installation, give us a call for a free estimate!

Texas City TX Metal Roofing

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We are the experts in metal roofing solutions and will enhance your home improvement or roof replacement project! We proudly serve the greater Houston area and have been for the past 50 years.

Our turnkey solutions have evolved through the years, gaining us recognition. We have established ourselves as the most dependable and efficient metal roofers in the area. We aim to provide our clients with affordable rates to make their metal roof vision come to life.

At All-Star Roof Systems, we will give you the best steel, aluminum, and composite roofing services around. Please contact us today if you are looking for Texas City TX Metal Roofing at excellent rates.

Metal Roofing on the Rise

All-Star Roof Systems believes that the aluminum and steel roofing options are the future of roofing solutions. Even though we do all types of roofing, including traditional asphalt and composition, our metal roofs are the best option. Steel and aluminum roofs give you the best value for the price and outlast traditional roofing materials by at least three lifetimes.

We work with commercial and residential projects alike, so our contractors are the experts and can integrate with your existing projects seamlessly. Even though composition roofing has been the popular choice for roofing because of its cost, homebuyers are now starting to realize the depreciating value in traditional roofing styles. 

About Us

Our customers are our number one priority at All-Star Systems. We know the importance of finding a contractor and company you can trust. That is why our mission is to consistently provide incredible results at a low price. We take the hassle out of a roofing project.

You can rest assured because we provide the materials, products, experts, and installation for one price. Since 1965, we have been striving to deliver the highest-quality customer service and roof craftsmanship. Our founder Ron Chappelow set out to be the experts in metal roofing, and 50 years later, we are still living up to his dream. 

All-Star Roof Systems Options

As mentioned before our aim to deliver the highest-quality service around. You will never have to worry about roof damage or water damage again. The wide selection of metal roofs we offer is all equally durable, so you can customize your steel or aluminum roof to match your style.

Even if you have a more traditional preference, we now 0ffer metal roofs that mimic the look of asphalt and wood shingle roofs. Now you never have to choose between curb appeal and durability. Just because or roofs are heavy-duty doesn’t mean that they are refined. 

See the Results

Texas City TX Metal Roofing

Call us with any questions about our Texas City TX Metal Roofing options!

Consistency is vital for us, and since we always strive for progression, we have received numerous accolades. The BBB rated us an A+ company for many consecutive years, and we don’t plan to stop earning them.

We have an outstanding record of satisfied customers, and the majority of our clients have given raving feedback. If you’re interested in Texas City TX Metal Roofing like steel aluminum, standing seam, or aluminum shake and shingle, you can find it with us.

To give you peace of mind, all our roofing installations come with various warranties so you can depend on us for a long time. 

Metal Roofing Costs

Metal roofing is much more cost-effective than composite roofing material long-term. This means that even though a metal roof’s initial price may be more than a traditional roof, a metal roof lasts longer. Aluminum and steel roofs are more durable and don’t require any maintenance, unlike asphalt roofs.

Not to mention the money metal roofs will save you when it comes to your energy bills. Metal roofs have more benefits than traditional roofs now, and that is why their popularity is on the rise. Please keep reading to learn about all the ways that a metal roof can save you money!

Aluminum and Steel Roof Benefits

Since aluminum and steel roofs last so much longer than other materials, they are much higher-quality. The high-quality material means it will be more expensive. Even though it is an investment up front, it will outlast any traditional roof. Metal roofs absorb damage and don’t require maintenance.

When you factor in how fragile asphalt roofs are compared to steel roofs, it is clear which is the long-term option. Did you know that Texas has the most metal roofs than any other state? There is a good reason for that because we experience some of the nation’s most heat and humidity.

Many commercial businesses choose a metal roof because they lower annual heating and cooling costs by 20%. Also, wood shingle roofs are a breeding ground for mold, fungi, especially in the Texas humidity. Metal roofs never grow mold, fungus and will remain resistant against discoloration and black streaks. 

Increase Your Home’s Value

Texas City TX Metal Roofing

The best metal roofers in Texas City TX!

In addition to saving you money on your energy bills, a steel or aluminum roof will also increase the value of your home. If you are considering reselling your home in the future, a metal roof is a lucrative investment.

When you get a metal roof installed, you can live in the house for 15 to 30 years without having to worry about roof maintenance. When it comes time to put your home on the market, the resell value will be higher.

Our clients who have switched to a steel or aluminum roof have been able to resell their homes for 60% more. Did you know that metal roofs yield one of the biggest returns on investment? 

Texas City TX Metal Roofing

Our metal roofing options are cost-effective, durable, and striking. If you want a roof with over 50 years of use with no maintenance, consider an aluminum or steel roof! Please visit us today if you have any questions about our Texas City TX Metal Roofing options! 

Texas City, TX Fun Facts:

  • In 1947 Texas city experienced an explosion that demolished much of the city 
  • Three brothers renamed the area Texas City
  • Charles Brown is from Texas City 
  • To learn more about Texas City, please visit them!


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