The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

When it comes to roofing installation, no company does better with The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof projects than All-Star Roof Systems.

New Homes Need New Roofs

If you’ve just become a new homeowner, then we would like to officially congratulate you! Completing this successful step in your life is a major deal.

The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

Your The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof search starts with All-Star Roofing Systems!

We know it may not have been easy. You’re likely going to celebrate with a housewarming party or two to get everything started. When the dust settles, you’ll likely want to delve deeper into how you can renovate your home to make it look better or operate more efficiently.

After all, house renovations are practically the best thing you can do for your home. This is because any new installation done on your home can positively increase the sale value over time. This is one of the biggest tips that most homeowners know. Therefore, it’s only right that you consider your roof as one of the biggest starting points for your home renovation project.

Your roof is your primary shield from all types of weather. However, the roofs that came with your home might already have deteriorated a great deal depending on how old the home is. That’s why All-Star Roof Systems offers up its The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof service.

Our company has years upon years of experience with roofing projects in the greater Houston area. Our work has left plenty of our clients satisfied. We do everything from private homes and shops to industrial landmark buildings. There’s no project too big or small for us to handle.

What Exactly Is Standing Seam Metal Roofs

We usually suggest standing seam metal roofs to new homeowners simply because of the protection that they offer over time.

The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

If you’re a new homeowner, you’ve got to check out all the options we offer. Get The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof you deserve.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new home for years to come, so it’s only right that we provide a roofing detail that will sustain itself along the way given its lengthy life expectancy. 40 years, to be exact.

At its core, standing seam metal roofs are concealed metal panels made from naturally produced materials that are surprisingly apt at providing a stronghold against most weather conditions. The paneling is accompanied by vertical legs with flat spacing embedded between them.

In comparison to other roof types, this structure allows for easy installation thanks to special interlocking panels. Most importantly, metal roofs are one of the biggest key elements that shoppers look for when buying a new home, which would make your home gain an added boost in value.

There are of course different types of metal roofing that you’ll be able to choose from. It’s important to get a clear picture of what each metal roof type offers and how it will directly apply to your home. Each of these metal roofing types varies in panel profile and interlocking mechanics.

With our The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof installation, you’ll have the option to choose between Medallion-Lok, ClickLock Aluminum, Instaloc, or Retrofit.

Metal Roof Types Explained

The approach that other roofing contractors take when it comes to roofing installations can sometimes come out to be very subpar.

The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

We also offer other roofing options that may fit well with your home or business. Talk to us at All-Star today.

This is because they don’t use the proper tools. They also don’t take into account the amount of time it takes to construct quality metal roofs. Therefore, you only get the best of the best with our dedicated team of expert roofing contractors at All-Star Roofing Systems.

That being said, our staff is in tune with all types of metal roofs. Your initial meeting with us will help us decide which of the following metal roof types are perfect for your newfound home. If you’re unsure about anything, our team is well equipped with the knowledge necessary to help you make the best decision possible. That’s proof that our customer service is unmatched when it comes to roofing installation.

  • Medallion-Lok – Perhaps one of the more popular choices among homeowners, but it serves as a great piece for some small businesses as well. The McElroy Medallion-Lok standing seam metal roof contains a 1.75″ seam for a perfect line cut that homeowners love. Their click and snap feature is useful down the line when the roofs need to be replaced, thus boosting its overall effectiveness and efficiency.
  • ClickLock Aluminum – For a contemporary style, our ClickLock aluminum is a perfect choice. Its aluminum makeup puts this one on the more expensive side. It’s the highest quality standing seam out there. Its narrow panel patterns make it applicable to nearly every home structure. Of course, who could forget about the ClickLock fastening clips? They’re a fan favorite among architects because they leave enough room for upgrades down the line. The ClickLock fastener comes in many different forms as well. Be sure to ask our contractors about this before we begin working.
  • Instaloc – The Instaloc is geared toward business buildings, but it can be applied to homes with the right pane pattern. As its name suggests, the Instaloc quickly snaps together thanks to its concealed clips. It also includes a 1″ seam which makes it an easier choice for businesses who prefer solid decks. Not only do these offer supreme protection against weather, but they also fare well against fire outbreaks.
  • Retrofit – While the aforementioned metal roof types use simple interlocking and shallow panel patterns, the Retrofit separates itself from the pack by being the exact opposite. Imbued with advanced symmetrical standing seams thanks to its deep panel patterns make for easier reinstallation and recycling. Our dedicated contractors can easily provide Retrofit standing seam roofs.

These options only offer just a slice of what we do at All-Star Roofing Systems. In addition to our standing seam collection, our contractors are able to provide aluminum, steel, and composition shingle roofing installations at your request. It’s important to talk to us directly about these options to see if they’re right for your home.

The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof Available

Are you a new homeowner? Are you looking to add value to your home? Then start with our tried and true roofing installations at All-Star. We have all the tools and knowledge necessary to hit the ground running. You can reach out to us by phone at (281) 987 9000. Our contractors would love to talk to you about your next roofing project. We provide only the best The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof installations at a cost you can afford.

Fun Facts About The Woodlands, TX

  • If you’re injured in The Woodlands, then you’re in luck. The city has 5 different hospitals.
  • While it’s certainly reachable, The Woodlands is also known as “The Invisible City.”
  • The Woodlands has become the home to many different types of birds that migrate and live there each year.

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