The Woodlands TX standing seam metal roof installation

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Have you ever thought how much money you could save if you did your The Woodlands TX standing seam metal roof installation yourself? — Yeah, this DIY feat sounds enticing but read on before you want to hop all in.

The Woodlands TX standing seam metal roof installation

The Woodlands TX standing seam metal roof installation

Exposed Fastener Installation

Step 1: Start Square

The first thing you want to do while you are installing yourThe Woodlands TX standing seam metal roof installation panel is to make sure you begin with a square. This ensures that all of the vertical lines run squarely to your eave. Starting square is significant because if the first panel is tilted a little bit, all the panels that come after would also be tilted. You want to square off the edge when you start the roof and change the panel if appropriate. For starters, if this specific roof were off a little, but by just half an inch, you might want to tilt the panel a little so that it run square, starting with the first panel.

Step 2: Cut Panel To Length and Add Eave Trim

If the panel you are using is too long when you’re doing an exposed fastener eave installation, you would want to overhang the eave by one and a half or two inches at most. Put your tape up against the end wall and then measure down to the edge of your eave trim. For this example, if it’s exactly 24 inches, then going to add an inch and a half to that measurement. Therefore, cut your panel to that length.

Flip the sheet over and create marks on the opposite side to do so. For example, if the length is 24 inches, add one and a half inches to it, so mark it at 25.5 inches. Do the other side. On the other side, I can do the same at 25.5 inches. You may then be able to connect those two lines using a square or straight edge to create your cut-line.

Next, to get to the sheet flat, you must cut through the male and female ribs. You, I will come across the pan flat using your duckbill snips to ensure a good clean edge. Make sure you are wearing your gloves throughout this process. Third, cut the rib on the female. You may already have a panel that has been trimmed to 25.5 inches so that at the eave, 1.5 inches will overhang, so we are ready to install it.

Step 3: Apply Sealant Tape

This panel is 25.5 inches long so that 1.5 inches overhang the eave, and we’ll add one row of sealant tape between the eave trim and the underside of the panel. Vividly remember the sealant tape goes between all-metal layers. Apply the sealant tape along the center of the entire eave and remove the backing tape.

The Woodlands TX standing seam metal roof installation

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Step 4: The Woodlands TX Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Using Exposed Fasteners

You can now install the panels on the roof. Make sure that the panel is square to the roof eave, such that all the panels installed are straight afterward. First, insert a screw into the fastening strip before installing the screws around the face to hold it steady. In the SL16 fastening strip using the pancake head fastener at all times. It’s the low profile head that, when it comes up, won’t dimple the next panel, which is really necessary. Spaced from the fastener to the fastener at 12 inches, adjust them but don’t overtighten them. Over-tightening draws down the panel and puts tension within the panel.

You must then install exposed fasteners along the center of the pan, then make sure the fasteners thread the sealant tape beneath to build a watertight seal. The screw we’ll use is a wood-grip in the middle of the pan. That is the fastener on our neoprene washer. You’ll have to make sure it threads the sealant tape is beneath the panel. Add three fasteners, one in the center and one on each side. Make sure you do not over-tighten the fastener. When you do, the neoprene washer gets squished back and is exposed to the Sun, which allows it to dry out even faster and break. Then you can start installing and adding more panels until the roof is fully covered.

Hidden Fastener Installation

Step 1: Install Offset Cleat

Install the offset cleat around the eave; then, the metal roofing panels are ready to be installed. The offset cleat helps us to create an accurate layout with hidden fasteners. In another one of our metal roofing construction videos, you will read more about mounting eave trim and offset cleats.

Step 2: Bend Panel Edge

The edge of this panel can be designed by cutting one inch on each side, folding beneath, then removing these two ribs. This will allow us to install and clip this panel into the offset cleat rendering the fasteners concealed. Do so by sliding down and bending the hemming tool under one inch. That produces a veritable curve of 180 degrees. Then cut the male rib back a quarter of an inch so that if it sticks past a bit, it doesn’t hinder the next panel from coming up flush with the cleat’s edge.

Step 3: Installation Using Hidden Fasteners

Now that we’ve placed the one-inch clip on the metal panel and cut backflush ribs, we can install the panel to the offset cleat by clipping it in. Through the offset, cleat moves the edge up such that it is entirely engaging and flat around the bottom. Ensure sure the plate is placed half an inch from the bottom of the wall. If we had to bring the cleat flush with the edge of the roof, then jogging from the ground would be visible. Now that the panel has been mounted, using a pancake head screw, you place a fastener into the nailing flange. If you find where the edge of the roof stands a little bit, using a wooden block with a towel on it using a rubber mallet to push it down, and it has an excellent flat roof-bed.

The Woodlands TX standing seam metal roof installation

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