The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors

The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors

The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors

Do you intend to find the best The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors? You have discovered a one-stop-shop for your roofing needs. All-Star Roofing Systems is the most outstanding roofing contractor in The Woodlands, TX. The Woodlands residents always choose them first when they are in need of roof replacements, installation, roof repairs, and other roofing services. Replacing your roof can be a chore. However, having a skilled roofing company on your side will help you to get the job done quickly. All-Star Roofing Systems has the best roofing material to construct a high-quality metal roof that will complement your home.

This roofing company has a keen attention to detail. They will provide the roof that will best fit your house or business. All-Star Roofing Systems excels in many types of roofs, two of these roofs are TPO and composition rooftops. Their team is so fantastic that Todd Miller, president of Classic Metal Roofing Systems, confidently promotes them.  This roofing company has earned the name of Houston’s best metal roofing company because of their dedication to supplying their clients with a top-quality roof. They care about their customer’s satisfaction and strive only to provide the highest quality.

You probably see metal roofs a lot more than before, that is because they are becoming more popular. There are many reasons why people are switching over to these roofs. You may want to learn more about The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors and see how a metal roof can make a difference for you. If perhaps you want to upgrade your roof as well, here are some benefits that you should consider about metal roofing.

Why Metal Roofs?

You’ve probably seen various structures and organizations with metal roofs. Examples of organizations that have metal roofs include churches, fire stations, and apartment units. Some of the benefits of these roofs include saving on energy, staying fashionable, and keeping the house safe in natural disasters. Metal roofs have a vast selection of colors to suit different style types. Your home roof doesn’t have to have a metallic feel to it. You have the option to make any metal roof look like wood, clay, or slate.

Metal roofs do cost more at first, but they are worth the investment. By investing in a metal roof, you can receive dividends over the years. You won’t want to go back after you experience the benefits of a metal roof.

The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors

Get your customized metal roof today.

The Lifespan of a Roof

No one likes having to re-roof a house. So, you probably would like to have a roof that stays with you for a while. One of the most robust roofs on the market is a metal roof. Metal roofs last two to three times as long as asphalt roofs. While the comparison may seem drastic, its true, metal roofs last about 40 to 70 years. Asphalt only lasts about 10-20 years.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about your roof when the hurricane season comes around. A metal roof will stay intact against 140 miles per hour winds. You will also need less maintenance and repairs when choosing a metal roof. However, they will require an inspection ever so often to make sure they don’t need repairs.

These roofs also protect your house against fire and lightning. So invest in a metal roof if you want additional protection for your home.


When it comes to month-to-month bills, everybody looks for ways to lower the costs. You will find that investing in a metal roof will reimburse you for utility bills, repairs, and more. It will also minimize your environmental impact. Normal asphalt roofs are continuously filling up landfills because of how often they require repairs and re-roofing. Because the metal roofs are so durable, you won’t have to repair and replace your roof as often. And since you won’t have to throw away an entire roof every ten years, it will reduce waste and protect the environment. If you are a recycling enthusiast, then you will love owning a metal roof.  Most, if not all, metal roofs are recycled material. In fact, metal roofs are 30-60% recycled material.

Get a lovely roof for your house, as well as one that helps your world. It will also save you money by decreasing cooling costs by 10% to 25%. After you exchange your roof for a metal one, you, too, will say that hiring The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors has given you the best roof you have ever owned.

The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors

Standing seam is one of the most popular styles for metal roofs.

Style and Design

Metal roofs sometimes leave people with the idea that they would make their home look like a tin shed. No one wants this style for their home. However, this isn’t the only look that a metal roof can pull off. Metal roofs can be both stylish and functional. These roofs come in a myriad of colors and different metals that will help you design a custom roof.

Aluminum, brass, zinc, and copper are some of the different metals used for metal roofing. Aluminum and steel are the most prominent choices of these products. Most metal roofs you see are made out of these two materials.  Another popular style for metal roofs is standing seam and is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about metal roofs. However, your roof can look like slate, wood, or clay tiles. It doesn’t have to look like metal even though it is.

When it comes to asphalt roofs, they simply aren’t as customizable. There are only 20 colors for asphalt roofs, and they cannot look like any other material. Metal roofs are far more customizable and offer you the perfect look for your home.

A Lightweight Roof

If you would like quick installation, then the metal is the best material to go for. Asphalt is twice as heavy as a metal roof, and tile roofs are three times as heavy as a metal one.

Another way to make metal roofs easier to install is by installing them on your old roof. You can save hours by stopping the dismantling of your old roof. Then you don’t have to hear the contractor pound on the roof above you. Once installed, your metal roof will not require any additional reinforcement after mounting it on the former roof.

The Best The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors

To have a high-quality metal roof, you need the best roofer in Houston. This means that the contractors you want are All-Star Roofing Systems. They have served homeowners and businesses since 1965. They are experienced roofers and will help you achieve your dream house. To know more about their services, contact them at (281) 987-9000. You can also learn more from their about us page and their service areas. If you need to hire The Woodlands TX metal roofing contractors, pick up the phone and call them today.

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