The Woodlands Metal Roofing Sheets

Are you looking for The Woodlands metal roofing sheets? If so, your next step is to call All-Star Roof Systems. We have been a trustworthy, roofing contractor for over 50 years. Since 1965, we have been offering the best metal roof installations and roof repairs. Our crew has a minimum of twenty years of experience.

Steel roofing and aluminum roofing are growing more popular due to its many benefits. For example, these roofing materials last longer than traditional roofing. Additionally, they can save you a significant amount of time and money. You can call us anytime you need a roof replacement at (281)-987-9000.

When you call our team, you can expect excellent customer service. And when we install your brand new roof, you can expect superior craftsmanship. Our founder, Ron Chappelow, believed in these two things. As a result, our company has been able to service areas in the greater Houston area, such as Sugar Land and The Woodlands. The Woodlands metal roofing sheets we have to offer are some of the best around.

The Woodlands metal roofing sheets

The Woodlands metal roofing sheets and roofs you get from us can last 40 to 60 years!

Energy Efficient And Durable Roofing Materials

Many homeowners are on the fence regarding steel or aluminum roofing. However, many people change their minds once they realize the many benefits of metal. First, our roofs are energy efficient. Contrary to popular belief, metal will not make your home warmer during the hot summer months. The truth is that metal reflects heat more efficiently than other materials, such as asphalt.

Many of our loyal customers in the past report that they were able to save up to 20% on their energy bills. Because of this, you can relax during the summer and not worry about a high energy bill. Furthermore, metal is arguably the most durable material for your home. Steel and aluminum can easily withstand the harsh Texas weather.

Texas is prone to hurricanes, tropical depressions, and excess humidity. These environmental factors can wear down the lifespan of your traditional roof. A standard asphalt shingle roof only lasts for twenty years, maybe thirty years. This means if you plan on being a long-term homeowner, you will have to replace your roof. A renovation like this can cost several hundred dollars.

We have excellent standing seam roofing options that can protect your home against rain and shine. We engineer our products to have a protective coating and finish. The finish our materials have to make our roofs rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, our roofs are rated to withstand wind speeds of 140 miles per hour. Our roofs can protect your home during hurricane season.

Other roofing materials, such as ceramic tiles, can damage easily during a storm. Not only that, they are more difficult to replace. Our roofs save you money on post-storm repairs and roof replacement expenses. We’re proud to say that our roofs can last anywhere from forty to sixty years. For the best The Woodlands metal roofing sheets, call our team.

The Woodlands metal roofing sheets

We have a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes that enhance the look of your home.

Our Roofs Discourage The Growth Of Mold, Algae, And Moss

If you notice white streaks running down your roof, that is algae. Algae and moss have spores that travel through the air and land on top of your roof. Afterward, they can feed on your asphalt roofing material and spread rapidly. Your home will develop green moss or unsightly white streaks. However, your home’s look won’t be the only thing that suffers.

Factors like moss and algae significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof. Because of this, you can expect a roof replacement sooner than later. Removal costs can drain your money very quickly. You can also develop mold on your roof, which is also severe. Mold can make its way into your attic more efficiently. Once it’s there, wood deterioration can occur and many more problems.

There are types of mold out there that are harmful to humans. The last thing you want for your home is to deal with wood rot, leaks, and hazardous mold. Fortunately, a steel or aluminum roof is the perfect solution. As previously mentioned, our roofs have a sleek and robust coating to protect it from the elements. You can easily clean and maintain a roof from us and not worry about mold.

You will also love to know that our roofs are fire-resistant. Moreover, they have the highest fire rating for our industry standards. A roof catching fire can be the final blow to your home, but our roofs can slow the spread altogether. Furthermore, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance because of this advantage.

The Woodlands metal roofing sheets

Tired of asphalt shingles that come off? Try one of our many steel or aluminum roofs.

The Woodlands Metal Roofing Sheets | High-Quality Materials

As you can see, there is a clear pattern when it comes to metal roofing. Time and time again, it proves itself to be an excellent material for your home. Indeed, the cost of installing a roof from us is higher initially, but you save more money in the long run. Whether you are purchasing a home to start a family or retire, our roofs can help you.

All-Star Roof Systems has excellent aluminum roof warranties and steel roof warranties. They are transferrable from owner to owner and can cover you for up to 40 years. If your metal roof does face damage, we can help you take care of the problem. No matter what. Our commitment to hard work and giving you the best roofing products is what we do best.

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you can count on excellent service. Another advantage you get from roofs made of metal is more variety. Many people still believe that steel and aluminum roofs are only for agricultural or industrial use. However, this is not true at all. We install in homes big and small, retail stores, and much more.

All-Star Roof Systems has a great selection of colors, patterns, and sizes for any home. Our roofs have a striking resemblance to other popular roofs, such as cedar shakes and asphalt. The only difference is that you get the advantages of metal, in addition to your preferred aesthetic. We service many areas around Houston, including The Woodlands! Please contact All-Star Roof Systems at (281)-987-9000, so you can get a free quote today! Your search for The Woodlands metal roofing sheets can end today with All-Star Roof Systems.

Fun Facts About The Woodlands, TX

  • Visit Spring Creek in The Woodlands to go canoeing or fishing.
  • Many birds migrate here every year, which makes The Woodlands a great place to go bird watching.
  • The Woodlands opened in 1974 and has the nickname “The Invisible City.”
  • To learn more exciting facts, why not visit their official website?


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