Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof has never been more accessible than now! Come on down to All-Star Roofing and get a quote for your commercial or residential roof requirements.

Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

Here at All-Star Roofing, we have a single mission, and that is to provide the Greater Houston Area with an optimal roofing company and roofing services!

Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

Proudly serving the Greater Houston area!

Our expert roofers have a total dedication to your roof systems and roof repairs. In fact, we have so many roofing options to choose from; you won’t be able to decide on one!

Regardless of whether it’s traditional roofing you require, or you want some specific roofing materials for your project, we have your back!

History of Sugar Land

The beautiful town of Sugar Land has grown vastly within the last few decades. Since it is a census-designated suburb on the outskirts of the Greater Houston Area, it sure has been a bustling town for a minute now.

Besides, with a 2019 population of 118,709, you can clearly just let the population boom speak for itself! That’s quite a large amount of citizens to have within such a recent suburban area.

Meaning there must be an influx of individuals looking for roofing in Sugar Land. Luckily, that’s where we come in! With our energy efficiency, stone coated, or even metal roof installations, you’ll never want to go through another roofing contractor in Sugar Land.

Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof will be a googling of the past!

What Makes Us So Special?

You’re probably curious to know what makes All-Star Roofing such a special roofing company. I mean, with so many roofer options to go within the Greater Houston Area, it’s a no-brainer that you might at least be curious.

There is a multitude of excellent reasons as to why we’re the best at what we do. For starters, we are proudly one of the most established and successful roofing companies in Houston when it comes to metal placement.

Our outstanding company was created by the great Ron Chappelow in 1965. We’ll do the math for you- that’s over fifty years of experience! We sure do think that’s quite a significant amount of time to learn the rope of the business, don’t you?

With five decades of experience under our belt (or almost half a century!), it’s clear to understand why we truly do believe we’re the most equipped for the work of roofing.

Another large reason why we’re the best in Sugar Land and the Greater Houston Area? We install TPO roofing systems as well as composition roofing systems to meet our customer’s needs.

Ron cares a lot about customer service and quality of craft. It doesn’t matter what we’re installing. Whether it be an aluminum shake, steel standing seam, or an r-panel roof job, we maintain our warranties and quality. We have distinct and utter loyalty to our customers, and that’s one of the large reasons why we’ve been slaying the business for over fifty years!

Qualifications & Experience

Furthermore, we received an A+ Rating and Membership of the Better Business Bureau. And lastly, our extensive experience in the field is what also helps us with staying on top of this business.

Experiences with foundations such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Single-family homes
  • Industrial buildings
  • Apartment complexes

And so much more, this is just scratching the surface on what we qualify to do!

Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

We have a roofing type to match whatever your needs may be!

Here at All-Star Roofing, Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof  installments have never been more accessible for a price that’ll save you money! That’s a 100% guarantee.

What’s Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

Firstly, let’s do a deep dive into what a Standing Seam Metal Roof is. With all kinds of different options for your roof, depending on what ambiance or design style you want, it will vary greatly.

The standing seam metal roof installation is a good choice because, for starters, it has a forty-year guarantee. A lot of other options may have twenty years or even thirty, but this one here is a complete guarantee for four whole decades!

We want to ensure we’re installing a roof for your residential or commercial business that’s going to last. And here in Texas, it’s understandable why there may be a large concern when it comes to roofing replacements lasting.

That’s why we’ve crafted specific metal that can put up with all kinds of crazy Texas weather. Living in Texas, it sure is widely known that the weather can change at the flip of a dime. They always say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a little bit, and eventually it’ll change!”

While this is a true fact, it can be inconvenient to home and business owners. That’s why we’ve designed roofing that can withstand mega heat, cold, hail storms, hurricanes, rain, or intense shine.

Our Standing Seam Metal Roofing is Also American Made

Another wonderful perk to deciding on going with All-Star Roofing for your Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof needs? The fact that we create all of our roofing elements and products right here in America.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we work extremely close to American manufactures to create the best materials to put on your home or business.

Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

We’ve got something for everybody at All-Star Roofing!

Genuinely, we want to support and build a healthy economy in this nation. For this reason, we do not import any of our steel or aluminum from other countries.

However, this is a much cheaper option, which is why a lot of our competition prefers this method. Yet, we firmly stand by the belief that roofing repair or installation deserves to be done right the first time.

Who wants to pay for a new roof, just to learn they need it repaired or replaced? Absolutely nobody. This is why we will always be transparent with you when dealing with your roofing questions and concerns.

Once again, our mission is to give Texans, especially in the Greater Houston Area and The Woodlands, the most optimal choices when it comes to their commercial and residential roofs.


All-Star Roofing has an entire dedication for you, the customer, to walk away satisfied and elated with their new roofing. Why don’t you give them a buzz today to see what they could quote for you, (281)-987-9000.

Searching for Sugar Land TX Standing Seam Metal Roof doesn’t need to be a doozie anymore; not with All-Star Roofing here to help you out!

Fun Facts of Sugar Land

  • It was a company town for over fifty years prior to being a suburbia, which came about in 1959.
  • The Town Center of Sugar Land covers 1.2 acres.
  • There are over 560 acres of developed park land here in Sugar Land!
  • For more interesting facts, please view their official website!


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