Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets

Have you been looking for Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets? If so, All-Star Roof Services is the number one choice in Houston for metal roofing contractors! Trust us to give you the best quality metal available.

Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets

Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets

For 50 years, we have been specializing in metal roofing services. It’s our honor to be Houston’s number one metal roofing contractor.

We take the responsibility of providing you with the very best materials very seriously. Your satisfaction is our main priority, and we are dedicated to staying number one.

Let us exceed your expectation of what a roofing company can do for you. So if you want Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets from a company you can trust, call All-Star Roof Services today!

Our Story

In 1995 Ron Chappelow established All-Star Roof Systems with Metal roofing as the specialty. We are well known for our exceptional installation of aluminum shake and shingle roofs. Our ability to consistently install high-quality products with finesse is what has kept us growing for over 50 years.

Even though we specialize in metal roofing systems, we are equally refined in installing a wide variety of other roofing systems. Such as composition asphalt and TPO roofing. TPO roofing remains a popular choice because it is cost-effective but not nearly as durable and efficient as our metals standing seam roofs.

Specialized team

We are lucky to have amassed a team of dedicated experts and passionate professionals over the years. We attribute success to them and the hardworking ethic our founder has built the company on.

Thanks to our diligent team, we have an unbelievable track record of zero complaints. All Star-Roofs Systems urges you to avoid the risk of hiring a general contractor. When our roofing contractors can handle your projects with a level of expertise and precision that can only come from being a well-established business.

We have had the honor of being recognized by many associations and bureaus over the years. The Better Business Bureau gave us an A+ rating, meaning they certify that our company operates in a trustworthy manner. The President of Classic Metal Roofing Sytems, Todd Miller, has also endorsed us on several occasions.

If seeing examples of our work interests you, we have plenty of pictures to browse in our roofing galleries. We want to show you the degree of craftsmanship you will be getting when you hire All-Star Roof Systems!

All the Advantages of Metal Roofs

By deciding to add a metal roof to your home or business, you choose to help the environment and your wallet. The number of ways of metal roofing can save you money and time will surprise you.

Our steel and aluminum metal roofs are durable and incredible energy savers. The fantastic thing about metal roofs is that they reflect solar radiant energy from your building, cutting your cooling costs. They will cut the cost of your energy bill by 20% or more!

Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets

Visit our website to see how we can improve the quality of your roof.

Save money!

The summers in Texas are sweltering, so the energy-efficient feature of metal roofs is even more useful. Along with saving you money, it has the potential to increase the value of your home by up to 60%.

This is doubling the worth of your assets! Conventional materials like asphalt depreciate over time, causing your home’s value to decrease over time.

It loses value over time because asphalt and similar materials are not meant to remain resistant over long periods. In fact, companies make them to be cheap for you to replace them every few years.

However, metal roofs require little to no maintenance over the years because we make them heavy-duty. Traditional roofs require more care as they age, ultimately costing you more money in repairs. Our metal roofs will outlast an asphalt roof by three or four lifetimes.

Extreme weather like wildfires and heavy rain are no match for our aluminum and steel roofs’ durability. Insurance companies even recognize a metal roof’s longevity and security by lowering their metal roof home and business owners’ rates.

Myths of Metal Roofs

We want to assure you that many of the myths surrounding metal roofs are nothing to worry about. These myths come from a lack of information and mainstream media.

A popular myth is how metal roofs appear. The media will portray them as a rusty tin roof of a farmhouse. The truth is we never use tin as it is a very soft and flimsy metal.

Many assume that metal roofs are only industrial looking, which is very far from the truth. We have come very far from the typical industrious look offering a vast selection of fabulous looks.

At All-Star Roof Systems, we craft our metal roofs so well you are unable to tell that it is metal! You can have all the benefits of a metal roof with the look of a traditional roof. We have options that replicate the look of slate shingles, and cedar shakes to satisfy traditional tastes while offering protection.

Rusty Metal Roofs

You never have to fear a rusty metal roof from All-Star Roof Systems. A huge myth is that metal roofs will eventually rust and corrode over time. We apply a finish on all our roofs that eliminate this from happening. This we can guarantee.

The final myth is that they are extremely heavy. Yes, our aluminum and steel roofs are heavy-duty, but they are not heavy! High-quality metal like ours is 50 to 70% % lighter than other roofing materials. You never have to be concerned about the weight affecting your home.

Conventional roofs aren’t reliable.

Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets

Cracking asphalt roof

Regular roofing titles use a glue sealant to hold the titles together and protect against wind and weather. This sealant may temporarily hold up, but our aluminum tiles lock together.

This creates a tight seal that is sure to outlast the sealant. Since metal roofing has been gaining popularity through the years, the demand for it has also increased.

We want you to trust All-Star Roof Systems to install your Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets because we have the most experience specializing in metal roofing!

Plenty of things could go wrong with a conventional roof, like shrinking, cracking, and erosion. On top of not being resistant to extreme weather, regular roofs could potentially cost you more money to repair. Don’t take that chance!

Let Us Impress You!

By choosing All-Star Roof Systems, you can start thinking of all the things that will turn out right! Save time and money with an aluminum roof. Contact us today, and we have tons of opinions for Katy TX Metal Roofing Sheets!

Fun Facts About Katy Texas

  • Katy is known as an active UFDO hotspot! with several sightings throughout the years.
  • The summers in Katy are incredibly hot and humid
  • Katy was once known for its rice farming
  • To learn more about this interesting city visit us!



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