Katy TX metal roof cost

Are you trying to find Katy TX metal roof cost? Well, then you’re in luck. All-Star Roofing Systems can help you with what you want. We have a team of contractors and roofers to help out. You can get help with anything. It could be improvements, repairs, or other services. No matter what happens, we will take care of you.

Katy TX metal roof cost

All-Star Roofing Systems makes sure to get the specifications you need. We provide roofing of the highest quality. Our TPO roofs and composition roofs are some of the best we have. You can give us a call to see for yourself. 

The benefits of All-Star Roofing Systems are many. Here is a list of the services for metal roof systems.

  • Beautiful styles for your home.
  • Lifetime performance for 50 years.
  • Complete energy efficiency.
  • Roof panels that have wind resistance.
  • You are given a unique fastener system that can withstand winds of 120 mph for your roof.
  • There’s also a low weight that can keep structural integrity and life.
  • You get a fastener system and interlocking system that holds back rain from vulnerable decking.
  • Our roofs protect homes from embers that can cause house fires in fire-prone areas.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

There are a lot of benefits to metal roofing. One of them is longevity. Another benefit is the installation of the roof. Metal resists fire, insects, bad weather, and other natural disasters. It can also keep out snow, hail, and rain over time.

Additionally, metal is lighter than other materials for your roof purposes. Most metal roofs weigh from 50 to 150 pounds. The warranties are different, but many backs up for 20 to 50 years. Due to lightweight, you can save a lot on engineering costs, and people need to fix it up. Also, some types of metal roofs can be added to existing roofs without adding new materials.

Katy TX metal roof cost

All-Star Roofing helps with any roof!

There is also a speedy installation that comes with metal roofs. A lot of the materials come in multiple shingles or parts that come together, like 12 to 36-inch panels. The roofs are heat resistant, and a lot of them have a Class A fire rating which is the best rating to have. Metal roofs can also minimize heat as much as possible. These roofs reflect heat, and in the long term, you save energy as a result. It also allows for snow melting.

Types of Metal Roofs

Our metal roofing options at All-Star Roofing Systems are steel, aluminum, composition shingle, and standing seam metal roofing. Aluminum roofing is on-demand every day, along with the other ones. With aluminum, you get locks on all sides to provide security for your house. The aluminum roofs come with approval from loads of building codes in a lot of the coastal areas and regions in Texas.

For steel roofs, we offer great protection in materials with a unique paint system. The durable roof weighs less than your average asphalt roof. Also, it has the strength to endure what can come in disasters or circumstances. Steel roofs also carry a warranty of over 40 years to any new homeowner that comes in possession of the roofing. And you can rest easy that every part of steel roofing is made in America.

With composition shingle roofs, we offer fiberglass materials to make it better at its job. It reinforces the center of the material and has a coating with minerals and asphalt. It’s popular because of the fiberglass and asphalt it has on it. Those two elements also give the roof durability and lighter weight for your purposes. For composition shingle roofing, there are three options you can get: Certain Teed Landmark, Owens Corning Duration, and GAF Timberline.

Lastly, standing seam metal roofs can live at 40 years of use. The standing seam material roof can withstand it all. From rain, heat, snow, or even hail, it doesn’t matter. To learn more about your metal roof options, visit our website.

Metal Roof cost

Metal roofs cost less than your composite roofs. The metal roofs save up to 45% on your energy costs—also, metal roofs lower temperatures. We offer discounts that depend on where you live. One discount is UL Standard 2218 with four classes and fire-resistant class A, B, and C ratings. These discounts can cover as much as 30% of your insurance costs.

In the end, you can save at least 20% on energy costs, 15% on your insurance costs, and you can recoup at least 60 % on your resale value when you look for your Katy TX metal roof cost. A high-quality roof is just what you need.

Katy TX metal roof cost

Get the best roof in Katy from All-Star Roofing Systems!

Asphalt roofing products contribute an estimated 20 billion pounds of waste to landfills in the USA every year. You can avoid that when you go with a metal roof since they can often be made over an existing roof. This saves cost and avoids any environmental impact of disposal. One of the benefits is that all metal roofs are made from 30-60% recyclable material.

Many residential metal roofs now use reflective coatings, and that provides for home energy efficiency and low utility bills.

Metal roofs are also resistant to any cracking, shrinking, or erosion. They also can withstand extreme weather conditions and wildfires better than any other roof material. 

In the long run, you save a lot on metal roofs. It can save as much as 40% on energy expenses. Costs can go down even with remission of heat from your roofs. You can also up to 20% on energy costs as well. You can save 15% on your insurance. As for your resale value, you can save up to 65% on your roofs.

Give All-Star Roofing Systems a try!

We have a great selection of roofs for you to choose from. You get a variation of steel and other metal roofs. We have a standing seam and composition. There’s also aluminum roofing for you as well. When you hire us for your roof, you’ll know we have experience. The company began in 1965. And from there, it’s been a great experience for our customers. When it comes to your Katy TX metal roof cost, you can be sure we’ll help.

Katy TX metal roof cost

When it is time for a new roof, call on All-Star Roofing Systems!

Fun Facts about Katy, TX

  • Katy is 30 miles west of Houston.
  • The city is the hub of three countries: Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller.
  • The city became official in 1945.
  • To learn more about Katy, visit the website.



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