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If you’re looking for Houston TX Metal Roofing Contractors, make sure to check out what All-Star Roof Systems has to offer. We provide our services to the Greater Houston Area and work on giving clients the best opportunity for a better roofing system.

We have been helping clients for over five decades, and we strive to excel in every project we take on. With reliable and durable metal roofing, you’ll find yourself saving money and avoiding the side effects of severe weather. So if you’re looking for steel, aluminum, or standing seams, our team roofing experts will able to assist you.

Our team understands the importance of getting the right type of roofing for your specifications. Metal roofing lets you increase the value of your home and help you make a profit once you sell it. Whether you need steel, aluminum, or standing seams, our team of experts can assist you in making sure you’re getting the job done the right way the first time. Don’t wait until your old roof is failing. Call us today for a free estimate on your new metal roof.

Houston TX Metal Roofing Contractors

Houston TX Metal Roofing Contractors

About All-Star Roof Systems

Established in 1965, All-Star Roof Systems was founded by Ron Chappelow. With over 50 years of experience, we have always emphasized quality products, installations, and customer service. We specialize in services such as TPO roofing systems and composition roofing systems.

In order to accommodate our clients, we also do traditional and modern styles of roofing. This includes asphalt-based composite shingles and metal-type roofing. Our aluminum and steel roofing offers clients options, such as the ability to customize color, design, and more.

Furthermore, our company is BBB A+ rated and fully committed to bringing the results to our clients. All of our clients report their satisfaction with their new metal roofs and how efficient and stylish they are. From r-panel roofs to steel standing seams, you can count on us to provide the most dependable ad secure metal roofing in Houston.

Our products and installers are of the highest quality around and will make sure that you get the best roofing services possible. The products and services we offer give clients the ability to customize color, design, and more.

Houston TX Metal Roofing Contractors

Our team of experienced contractors provides the best roofing materials, products, and installers to our clients. In order to ensure that the results match the quality that goes into it, we choose to focus on metal roofing above all else. While there are some minor misconceptions regarding metal roofing, you can be sure that our metal roofing is by far the most dependable type of roofing around.

Funny enough, a misconception about metal roofs is that they have higher chances of getting struck by lightning. The truth is that metal roofs are just as vulnerable to lightning as any other type of roof. In fact.

While there are some minor misconceptions regarding metal roofing, rest assured that metal roofing is by far the most advantageous type explaining. The truth is that metal roofing has the same chances of lightning than any other roofing type.

Centura Slate Steel Shingles

Another reason people choose other options over metal roofs is that it’s more expensive than traditional roofing. While it is true that metal roofs cost about two or four times the amount of a composite roof, there’s a good reason for that. Metal roofs last far longer than ordinary roofs, and they also require much less maintenance.

Consequently, you’ll save lots of money on repairs and routine maintenance. Metal roofing is also far more durable than other advantages. At the end of the day, you’ll pay more to maintain composite and other types of roofing well-kept.

Metal roofing is also very quieter than in typical roofing. Our metal shingles and shakes are layered with insulation in order to reduce noises from all sources. All in all, metal roofing options and Houston TX Metal Roofing Contractors provide longer-lasting, better-quality, and energy-efficient benefits.

Aluminum Metal Roofing Solutions

We also have the equipment and products for aluminum roofs. We’re proud of our work with metal roofs, and the Classic Metal Roofing Systems has names us the only Houston dealer for their patented Country Manor Aluminum Shake Roofing.

Additionally, this product gives the appearance of actual wood late or shakes without the problems of real wood. Additionally, thanks to its weather-tight sealing and interlocking panels, you can rest easy knowing that nothing will get through your roof.

Another reason to check our products out is the fact that we also offer other types of Classic Metal Roofing Systems products. These products include their Oxford Aluminum Shingles and Rustic Aluminum Shingles. These roofing options allow us to create a series of interlocked and sealed panels, which are great for reflecting heat and reducing overall costs.

And thanks to concealed fasteners and PVDF coating, we can help improve your aluminum roof’s appearance. Metal roofing is a very popular option in today’s market as it brings many benefits with not many disadvantages. Aluminum roofing is also an excellent choice for a more modern look, in addition to matching your neighborhood’s requirements for roofing.

Steel Metal Roofing

Another reliable and efficient alternative to traditional roofing options is steel roofing. Opting for something else, say asphalt shingles, you’ll get a heavier and weaker outcome. Steel shingles, simply put, will get you the most bang for your buck.

We have multiple warranties, so you can be covered for a long as you need. There are a 40-year warranty and a 30-year warranty on fade and chalking when you purchase our steel shingles. The great thing about these is that the warranties can be transferred between homeowners.

If you decide on selling your home and you still have a valid warranty, then we’ll switch it over to the new owner in a quick and easy process. It doesn’t matter what type of metal roofing you get, the one thing you have to remember is checking to see what kinds of warranties and deals we can offer you.

Houston TX Steel Roofing Contractors

All-Star Roof is an accredited A+ business through the BBB.

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All-Star Roof Systems focuses on providing the right metal roofing options for our clients. Whether you’re looking for aluminum or steel roofing, our Houston TX Metal Roofing Contractors are here to make sure the installation goes as well as possible. Call us at (281) 987-9000. You can also learn more by visiting our about aluminum roofing or our about steel roofing webpages to learn more. All in all, our Houston TX Metal Roofing Contractors are the best around, find out why.

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