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Chances are, if you’re searching for Pearland TX Steel Roofs, then you want the best steel roofing services at a reasonable price. At All-Star Roof Systems, we use the highest quality metals while remaining affordable.

Pearland TX Steel Roofs

Pearland TX Steel Roofs!

We have been proudly serving the greater Houston area for over 50 years. Through the decades, we have provided stellar roofing installation and roofing materials. No matter what roofing project you’re tackling right now, we can help!

We are the number one roofing company in Houston and have plenty of experience with commercial and residential roofing alike! Whether you need a roof repair or a total roof replacement, we got you covered. It is our mission as metal roofing contractors to make this process as easy as possible. Give us a call today for a free quote on Pearland TX Steel Roofs!

50+ Years Experience

At All-Star Roof Systems, we are known for many things. A few of our notable services are our aluminum roofing, aluminum shake and shingle, and standing seam metal roofs. Since we have decades of experience, we have perfected our installation of metal roofs to a science. So you can expect a flawless installation that integrates easily with any ongoing projects you have going on. Our dedication to success has earned us an A+ rating from the BBB or Better Business Bureau. The A+ rating means we have proven ourselves as a trustworthy company that resolves any customer concerns.

High-Quality Service

On top of that, we have an unbelievable track record of zero complaints. We have plenty of testimonials on our website to show you our customer’s experiences to see for yourself. It is our mission to exceed your expectations of what a roofing company can do for you. Our incredible sales team are experts in customer services and dedicate their day to resolving your issues. Our roof installers are all roof installer certified as well as having 20 years of experience with minimum. We are the leading installer of Pearland TX Steel Roofs, but we also reign supreme other roofing types such as TPO roofs and composition roofing.

Dedicated Team

Our versatile team and consistency have gotten us countless endorsements from Todd Miller himself. Todd Miller is the president of Classical Metal Roofing Systems. Our guarantee is always to have the right materials to satisfy your project and fulfill your vision. If you are interested in reading some of the testimonials previous clients have left us. Feel free to check it out! We encourage you to get quotes from other roofing companies because we are confident that we have the most competitive pricing for the quality we deliver.

Popular Remodeling Choice

Pearland TX Steel Roofs

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Metal roofs are a very versatile choice nowadays. Homeowners and business owners choose to use them for many different reasons. You can frequently see a metal roof on businesses and homes. Some places you might find a metal roof are apartments, churches, fire stations, and even your neighborhood homes.

Metal roofs are gaining popularity due to the benefits they provide. Aluminum roofs are a great option because they are energy savers and provide your family with lifetime protection. You may be surprised to find out that metal roofs are now available in many colors and designs that look nothing like the typical metal roof.

Metal Roofs In Traditional Styles

Our designs for metal roofs have gotten so advanced that you have no way to tell if the roof is metal just by looking at it! All-Star Roof Systems now offers standing seam steel roofs and aluminum shake and shingle roofing that mimic the look of wood slate, shake, and shingles entirely. This new design element is the best of both worlds for those who have traditional tastes but want all the current protections with a metal roof.

Other traditional roofing companies that still use TPO and composition roofing methods would like you to believe that metal roofing is way more expensive to install. All-Star Roof Sytems is here to share some insight with you about a metal roof’s actual cost. Your home or business is an investment, and we want to add value to your assets.

When you choose to install a roof made from traditional material, your home gains no value even though you spend money to upgrade it. The reason for that is because comparison roofing is not as durable as a metal roof and certainly can not stand up to harsh weather.

Other Roof Materials Don’t Last.

TPO roofing becomes warped and damaged over time. Composition roofing begins coming undone bad weather. Metal roofs like your home are an investment, but this investment has the potential to make you more money in the future. Traditional roofing will need repairing at the first signs of trouble and, left untreated, will begin affecting the structure of your house.

A metal roof is heavy-duty, durable, and has virtually no maintenance. Even though the metal roof is heavy duty is not heavy in weight. Did you know metal roofs do no damage to your home structure and can actually enhance it by the added protection it provides?

Save Money

Pearland TX Steel Roofs 

We tile roofs for standing seam roofs. They are energy efficient.

Metal roofs are much less expensive over the lifetime of your home. You will never have to re-roof again with one of our high-quality aluminum or steel roofs. In fact, metal roofs provide such guaranteed protection insurance companies will lower your home insurance payment if you invest in a metal roof!

The Environmentally-Friendly Choice

In addition, metal roofs are an environmentally-friendly choice. They greatly benefit the environment because 30 to 60 percent of the material used to manufacture a metal roof is from recyclable materials.

The typical asphalt roof contributes roughly 20 billion pounds of waste to our landfill in the US annually. Metal roofs avoid this kind of waste by being recyclable and not needing to be thrown away. When it comes time to update your metal roof, we will install it over your pre-existing aluminum roof!

All-Star Quality Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are resistant to erosion, shrinking, cracking, and warping. No other roofing material is as durable and can withstand extreme weather like wildfires. If you want peace of mind from guaranteed protection, a metal roof is the only choice for you. Please don’t hesitate to visit us today for a free quote on Pearland TX Steel Roofs!

Pearland Texas Fun Facts

  • Pearland is the second-fastest-growing city in the greater Houston area.
  • In the 1800s, Pearland got its name because residents were harvesting many fruits, especially pears, hence the name Pear-Land.
  • In 1918 Pearland experienced a devastating freeze that setback many farmers and affecting their growing population.
  • To learn more about the history of Pearland, visit them! 


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