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If you’re looking for Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheets, chances are you want the best quality metal available. All-Star Roof Systems gives you premier quality materials without sacrificing your budget.

Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheets

Feel free to customize your new roof with our different types of roofing!

For over 50 years, All-Star Roof Services has helped the greater Houston area with exceptional quality and service. We have earned the title of Houston’s number one metal roofing contractor.

Being one of the most successful and well-established metal roofing companies in Houston could not be achieved without our dedicated team and an incredible work ethic. If you require Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheets from a company you can trust, call us today!

Why Trust All-Star Roof Systems

All-Star Roof Systems was established in 1995 by Ron Chappelow, and he has always specialized in metal roofing systems. Though his specialty is in metal roofing, he is just as reliable in installing a variety of roofing systems such as TPO roofing and composition asphalt roofs.

We are best known for our exceptional installation of stand seam metal roofs and aluminum shake & shingle roofs. We deliver high-quality products and presentations with a finesse that can only be achieved with 50+ years of business.

Incredible Team

Over the years, All-Star Roof Systems has amassed a team of highly productive experts that have made our company excel. We have an unbelievable record of zero complaints thanks to our exceptional contractors and sales staff.

As a result, we always know the right product to fit your project and satisfy you the most. Please don’t take the risk of hiring a general contractor when our roofing contracts will handle your project with precision and expertise.

Highly Recognized

We have been highly recognized in Houston, receiving an A+ from the Better Business Bureau! As well as being endorsed by the President of Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Todd Miller. To see for yourself, we encourage you to view our testimonials page and see what our clients have to say about us. 

We also have plenty of examples of our work in our roofing galleries. There you can see the level of craftsmanship to expect when you hire All-Star Roof Systems for your next project.

The Many Advantages of a Metal Roof

When you choose a metal roof, you’re making a decision that will save a lot of money and help the environment. There are so many ways a metal roof can save you time and money.

Metal roofs such as steel and aluminum are substantial energy savers and incredibly durable. They can reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%! A metal roof reflects the solar radiant heat away from the building, cutting your cooling costs.

Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheets

Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheets

Huge Money Saver

This energy-efficient feature is especially perfect for the hot summers in Texas. Not only do they save you money, but metal roofs increase the value of your home by about 60%.

This doubles the worth of your asset! When you use conventional materials like asphalt, your house’s value remains the same and then begins to depreciate over time. You lose value over time because traditional materials are not durable.

No Maintenance Required

That being said, a traditional roof requires more maintenance as time goes on, possibly costing you money if you ever need a repair. Our metal roofs require little to no maintenance and outlast an asphalt roof by three to four lifetimes! 

An aluminum or steel roof’s durability is made to withstand extreme weather like heavy rain, hurricanes, and wildfires reducing your long-term costs. Metal roofs are so long-lasting that insurance companies lower rates to metal roof homeowners.

The Myths of Metal Roofs

There are many myths surrounding metal roofs, and we want to reassure you of any worry you might have. One myth is about how metal roofs look.

Many popular images of metal roofs show them as very industrial looking or of a rusty tin roof, which is a very flimsy metal that we don’t use. Our Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheets are the best quality and will not rust. 

Metal Roofs Come in a Variety of Styles

You don’t have to worry about your metal roof’s appearance because we have a massive selection of gorgeous looks that you wouldn’t even guess is metal. We understand if you want the benefits of metal without a distinct look.

Our multitude of styles is sure to impress even the most traditional tastes. We have metal shingle options that mirror the look of slate shingles, or cedar shakes to give you protection and style!

Our Metal Roofs Don’t Rust.

Another myth of the metal roof is that it will rust. All-Star Roof Services apply finishes on all of the metal roofs that eliminate rust and corrosion from happening. We guarantee this.

The last myth is that Metal roofs are heavy. Just because it is heavy-duty doesn’t mean it’s heavy. Our high-quality metal roof is 50 to 70 % lighter than traditional roofing materials. You never have to worry about weight.

Aluminum Roofing

One of our most popular options is the County Manor Aluminum shake roofing. Not to mention we are the only provider of this product in the entire Houston area. This option gives you the look of actual wood without the disadvantages. Our aluminum title mimics regular roofing tiles.

Traditional Roofs aren’t Reliable. 

Standard roofing tiles use unreliable sealants to protect against weather and wind. Instead, our aluminum tiles lock together, creating a weather-tight seal that will outlast sealant any day.

Aluminum roofing has been gaining popularity over the years, so the demand for it has increased. We hope you chose All-star Roof Services to install your aluminum roof properly.

Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheets

We install for commercial buildings as well as tile roofing!

There are plenty of mistakes that could be made with a traditional roof, like erosion, cracking, and shrinking. Not to mention it can not hold up to extreme weather and the cost of roof repairs. Skip the headache!

We Want to Impress You!

When you choose All-Star Roof Systems, you can start thinking of all the things that will go right. Save money and time with a metal roof. We offer excellent options for Pearland TX Metal Roofing Sheetscontact us today!

Fun Facts About Pearland TX

  • Pearland is the 2nd second fastest growing city in all of Texas
  • It is the 3rd largest suburb of Houston
  • The largest Texas crawfish festival is The Pearland Crawfish Festival.
  • To learn more about this lovely city, visit us here!


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