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See what makes us the best Pearland TX Metal roofing companies.

Are you searching for Pearland TX Metal Roofing Companies? Then it would help if you talked with All-Star Roof Systems about their metal roof options. All-Star Roof Systems is the company you want if you are looking for a quality metal roof for either your home or business. Your Google search has sent you to the best place when it comes to roofing. So, keep reading to see why All-Star Roof Systems is the company you are looking for. Our roofing company is the number one choice for anyone in the Pearland TX area. Whether you are looking for roof repairs, roof installations, or other roofing services, our team is ready no matter the size of the job.

Not only are they amazing at the services they provide, but they also offer a large assortment of materials to choose from for your home or company. Some of the materials they have to offer are TPO roofs, composition, along with many others. Many homeowners and business owners would highly recommend All-Star Roof Systems for their excellent work and craftsmanship. We are also endorsed by Todd Miller, who is the president of Classic Metal Roofing Systems. When you make us your roofing contractors, then you will see why we are one of the top companies in the industry.

Come check out the benefits that metal roofing material provides for homes and commercial properties. As you continue reading, you will see why All-Star Roofing is one of the first places to go to when you’re searching for Pearland TX Metal roofing companies.

Why Metal Roofs?

There are many companies and neighborhoods that utilize metal roofs. Some of these places are fire stations, churches, hotels, and many other institutions. These roofs are aesthetically pleasing while also fantastic at saving you money on your utilities. They also provide deep-rooted security for your home because of their durability and fireproof properties.

If you are looking to invest in a metal roof for your home, then you will be glad to know that you can get your roof in a variety of styles and colors. Since they have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, this makes them great for any style of home. These roofs can be made to resemble slate, wood, or other materials depending on what kind of look you are going for.

Pearland TX Metal roofing companies

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One of the more popular aspects of these roofs is that they are made to last about forty to seventy years. This differs from asphalt roofs since asphalt is only made to last about twelve to twenty years. With such a great difference in lifespan, it is no wonder so many people are making the switch to metal roofs. They’re also extremely durable and can handle 140 miles per hour winds.

Additionally, they also don’t require much upkeep. So, if you are searching for a durable low maintenance roof, then you need to talk with All-Star Roof Systems about installing your metal roof. With our quality craftsmanship, we can help your roof last longer and keep your home safe.

Another reason why you would want to make the switch to a metal roof is if you live in an area with lightning storms, then this kind of roof will be helpful. Since they are fireproof, you won’t have to worry about lightning starting a fire in your home.

Ecologically Friendly

Metal roofs aren’t only great when it comes to durability and longevity; they are also great when it comes to helping the environment. Since they are so durable, they don’t require as many replacements as asphalt roofing. Traditional asphalt roofing requires replacements every 15 to 20 years, which can quickly fill up a landfill. Metal roofs, however, don’t require as much upkeep and are also made up of 30-60% of recycled material.

With these benefits, you will find yourself saving money in roof repairs and replacements as well as cooling costs. Metal roofs can reduce cooling costs as much as 25%, which is just another reward for making the switch to metal roofing. So when you are shopping for roofs, make sure to talk to All-Star Roof Systems about what makes us one of the great Pearland TX Metal roofing companies.

Shading and Style

When people think about metal roofs, they will often think about barns and other full metal buildings. However, this isn’t the only style that metal roofs work with. Metal roofing has made major strides when it comes to style. Now you can choose between various types of metal and make that metal look like any roof you would want. You can choose between textures and colors, customizing your metal roof to fit your home uniquely.

Some of the most popular metals used for roofing are aluminum and steel. Some of the other types of metals used for roofs are zinc and copper. You also probably have noticed the popular standing seam style roofs. These roofs aren’t the only style available. Like we mentioned above, you can also have various types of textures and make your metal roof look like any material you want for your home. So, please talk with us today to get your dream roof for your home.

Houston TX standing seam metal roof

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Another benefit of choosing a metal roof is that you have lightweight shingles. Having a lightweight roof is a benefit that will speed up the installation process. It also allows metal roofs to be installed over the top of old roofs without any additional support. When choosing these roofs, you won’t have to worry about days or weeks of noise when it comes to installation and repairs. Instead, you can make sure your roof is always in the best shape with quick and easy maintenance.

The Best Pearland TX Metal roofing companies

Come check out All-Star Roof Systems today by calling us at (281) 987-9000. You can also learn more about us and check out the areas we serve. If you are in need of a metal roof, make us your Pearland TX Metal Roofing Companies.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • The residents here used to pick a lot of fruit once.
  • Pearland’s original name used to be “Mark Belt.”
  • In 1934 oil was discovered here.
  • For more fun facts about Pearland TX, check them out


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