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Chance are if you’re looking for Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets, you want the very best quality available. Trust All-star roof systems to elevate your projects and impress you today!

Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets |

Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets

After 50 years of successful business, we can proudly say we are the metal roofing experts. We serve the greater Houston area with pride as well as the surrounding suburbs.

All-star Roof Services have been named Houstons number one metal roofing contractor, and we take that responsibility significantly. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are eager to help you.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with your project and assist you in making your vision a reality. If you want premier quality Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets, don’t hesitate to call us!

Metal Roofs are Our Specialty

We have specialized in metal roofing systems for decades, but that doesn’t mean we don’t t have experience with other roofing materials. In fact, we are just as knowledgeable and experienced in other roofing materials.

Being well rounded has given us perspective on different materials, and metal roofing reigns superior. The most popular roofing systems are typically cheaper, like asphalt and TPO. It may be slightly more cost-effective initially but ends up costing you more over time. As a result, we can confidently say no other material is as durable and practical as our metal sheets.

We are always striving for the closest thing to perfection. For that reason, we are continually evolving and improving our practice.

Our team has also been refined over time, giving us the most elite group of individuals. They have managed to keep a spotless record of zero complaints. Thanks to the dedicated experts, we have been consistently successful.

Amazing Quality

If your curious to see the level of expertise we operate at, we urge you to view our roofing galleries. You will get a taste of how well crafted and designed our metal roofs are.

It is our hope you hire us to help you complete your next project. When you hire a general contractor, their work quality could be compromised by their lack of experience.

All-star roof systems handle your projects with a level of finesse that can only be achieved after 50+ years of experience. As a result, we have earned an A+ rating from the BBB, Better Business Bureau.

To see what qualifies a company to receive this rating, you can view their qualifications here. The A+ rating certifies us a company that is trustworthy and honorable.

Reasons to chose a metal roof.

Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets |

Metal roofs are stylish and sleek!

Everyone likes to save money, and when you decide to add a metal roof to your home or business, you will. Metal roofs like our aluminum and steel options increase the energy you save, saving you money.

The way metal roofing deflects solar radiant energy is what prevents your home from absorbing heat. This exciting feature is what lowers your cooling cost by 20%! On top of that, you’re helping save the environment and increasing the value of your home.

The temperature in texas soar in the summer, racking up your energy bills. The fact that metal roofs are made to be energy efficient makes them even more useful.

An aluminum roof has the potential to raise your home’s value by upwards of 60%! Imagine one home improvement can double the asset on your home when it comes time to sell it.

Conventional materials, including a new asphalt roof, will cause your home’s value to remain the same and depreciate over time. Cheaper materials may seem more appealing at first, but you realize it will cost you more once you factor in the long-term cost. Our Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets will save you money. 

Myths about Metal roofs

Most myths start from a lack of information, and that is the case for metal roofing. As it turns out, these myths are nothing to worry about, and we want to reassure you about that.

In mainstream media, metal roofs are portrayed as rusted tin roofs, typically on farmhouses. In reality, our metal roofs are ever made using tin because it is a very soft metal.

Another myth about its appearance is that metal roofs are very industrial-looking. Aluminum and steel roofs may sound industrious, but they appear far from it. Steel roofs have evolved to mimic traditional roofs’ exact look, so you don’t have to sacrifice durability for style.

So if you want a traditional style, All-Star Roof Systems has the perfect options for you. We have been endorsed by classic Metal Roofing Systems as an authorized dealer of Country Manor Shakes Aluminum roofing. Country Manor Shake is an aluminum roofing system that imitates the beauty of cedar shakes.

Metal Roofs Rust Quickly

The myth that metal roofs rust quickly is very untrue. All-star roof systems use a finish on every roof that stops rust and corrosion from happening. We guarantee that your aluminum or steel roof won’t rust or corrode with us.

One final myth is that metal roofs are very heavy. Even though our roofs are heavy-duty, it doesn’t mean they are actually heavy! In fact, they are 50% lighter than the conventional roof. You won’t have to worry about the weight of an aluminum roof damaging your home.

Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets |

Call All-Star Roof Systems for the best metal roofing prices.

Why you shouldn’t choose a conventional roof

The truth is traditional roofs are reliable anymore. They cant hold up to extreme weather and are not energy efficient. They shrink, crack and erode over time, costing you more money in repairs.

Not to mention roofing tiles a glue sealant to hold the titles together. This sealant is flimsy and does a poor job standing up to wind and weather.

The future of home improvements is in metal roofing. Its popularity has been steadily gaining, and we hope you trust the specialist with the most metal roofing experience to integrate with your project.

All-Star Roof Systems have a huge variety of sheet metal to fit your perfect type of roof. It’s time to start thinking of all the positive impacts having a metal roof will provide you. If you need Magnolia TX Metal Roofing Sheets at competitive rates, contact us immediately!

Fun Facts About Magnolia Texas

  • Magnolia Texas is ranked 7th in city growth among other U.S. cities
  • This city is known for having the friendliest folks in Texas.
  • Magnolia offers lots of outdoor space for golf and cycling.
  • To learn more facts about this friendly city visit us!


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