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Are you looking for Magnolia TX metal roof cost? If you are, you’re at the right place. All-Star Roofing Systems can help you in your time of need. We have a great team of contractors and roofers. With over 50 years of experience, you can expect the best service. You get a wide variety of metal roofs to choose from. With that, you also get good prices and costs for what you need.

About All-Star Roofing Systems

Our company began in 1965 with Ron Chappelow. From the beginning, our specialty was metal roofs. In addition, we also install TPO roof systems and composition roof systems. We do that to meet the needs of all of our customers. Our owner, Ron, has also been a champion of customer service and quality products.

The company also has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. In addition, the company is a Classic Roofing Systems Preferred Contractor. Moreover, we have a lot of expertise in a lot of areas. That includes single-family homes and apartment complexes. We also cater to restaurants and churches.

Magnolia TX metal roof cost

When it is time for a new roof, call on All-Star Roofing Systems!

The Benefits of All-Star Roofing Systems

The benefits of All-Star Roofing Systems are immense. Here is a list of the services for our metal roof systems.

  • You get beautiful styles for your home in your neighborhood.
  • A lifetime performance for 50 years at least.
  • Complete energy efficiency.
  • You’ll have roof panels with wind resistance.
  • You will get a unique fastener system that can withstand winds of 120 mph for your roof.
  • We will get you a low weight that preserves structural integrity and life.
  • There’s a fastener system and interlocking system that can hold back rain from vulnerable decking.
  • You’ll get roofs that will protect your home from embers that can cause house fires in fire-prone areas.

Aluminum Roofs

At All-Star Roof Systems, we offer lifetime Aluminum Roofing solutions. Aluminum is very valuable as roof material for a lot of reasons; it has a nice look that can last for many years with little maintenance. It’s also strong and durable enough to protect a home from harsh wind, rain, and snow, but it is lightweight enough to make your installation easy. Your aluminum roof also does not warp, crack or burn, and unlike steel, it is resistant to corrosion.

These products are also highly efficient. They conserve energy and save homeowners on their cooling costs throughout the year. Homeowners who have gone on to a new aluminum roof save up to 20% on their overall heating and cooling costs. Plus, our partners manufacture aluminum roofing materials that are completely recyclable. This could help your Magnolia TX metal roof cost.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

At All-Star Roof Systems, we offer standing seam metal roofs that can last for 40 years. It can withstand hurricanes from our design. We design these roofs to help against any damage. This could be from rain, hail, snow, cold, or hurricanes. In addition, you can get facility managers and homeowner protection.

You’ll also get savings that can repay the investment that you make in this roof. With standing seam metal roofs, you get a nice fastener system. This can provide the best protection for your home. In addition, it comes in many colors. Also, you can install this over your current roofs. In the case you need to remove the old roof, we can ensure it gets to a recycling station.

Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is another thing that you, as the customer, would like to get. This type of roof is vital as roof material for a lot of reasons. It is very reliable during the seasons. It can protect a home from wind, snow, and rain. This roof does not warp or mess up during weather changes. It also doesn’t crack or burn from outside forces.

Asphalt, composition, and wood shingles can wear and not be good after you install them. You can have black streaks, missing granules, moss, or curling corners. All of these can take away from the beauty of the home. This could also be a sign of a bad roof. Also, like with other metal roofs, this steel roof weighs less than your usual asphalt roof.

Magnolia TX metal roof cost

Our roofs help in any kind of weather!

For your Magnolia TX metal roof cost, you also get a warranty for this type of roof. You’ll get the Centura Steel Shingle Roofing Lifetime Limited warranty. This warranty transfers to any new homeowners for 40 years after installation.

Aside from that, you’ll also get a 30-year fade and chalk warranty. This will ensure a very nice color and give you freedom from any maintenance problems in the future. Also, you can be sure that every part of the Centura Steel roof is made in the United States. 

Composition roofing

All-Star Roof Systems also offers composition shingle roofing systems by GAF Roofing, CertainTeed Roofing, and Owens Corning Roofing.

Fiberglass composition shingles are very popular as it makes nearly 85 percent of all home roof systems. Composition shingles have a fiberglass reinforcing mat at the shingle’s center. It gets a coat with mineral fillers (that adheres to the fiberglass) and then with asphalt. That makes the shingle waterproof. We also embed a layer of ceramic granules into the top surface of the shingle.

Magnolia TX metal roof cost

No matter what roof you decide to get, we’ll make sure you get the right price. In the end, our metal roof cost is less than composite roofs. Composition roofs need to change every 20 to 30 years. That can add to your price for repair costs. However, our metal roofs last longer. Therefore, there doesn’t need to be a replacement. Also, our metal roofs can lower temperatures. This can be as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit. You can save up to 40% on energy costs every year.

Magnolia TX metal roof cost

Since 1965, our team has been one of the best metal roofing companies out there!

You can also lower your insurance with the roofs we offer. Our roofs have fire and water-resistant testing. This can help you save on your insurance with discounts. On a final note, you can gain almost 100% on your resale value. This all due to a metal roof not needing repairs or replacements down the line.

If you want a free estimate, give us a call at 281-987-9000 or email us at We’ll help you with your Magnolia TX metal roof cost! 

Fun Facts about Magnolia, TX

  • The city is in Montgomery County.
  • Magnolia has Depot Day in April, where entertainers, craft booths, and live and silent auctions happen in the city.
  • The town began in 1840 where the boundary of Montgomery Creek was extended to Spring Creek. The area was named Mink, Texas.
  • To learn more about Magnolia, visit the city website.


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