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Huntsville TX metal roof cost is affordable at All Star Roofing Systems. All Star Roofing Systems is a roofing company that is established in itself and in its community. Not every metal roofing company is the same. And we know this because are the best and on other company is like ours.

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Looking to change your roofing system, call on All-Star Roofing Systems!

We were founded in 1965 by founder Ron Chappelow. Since then, we have been specializing in roofing and metal roofing specifically to clients all across the Greater Houston area. For over 50 years, we have been able to give clients exceptional service and exceptional roofing for their homes and businesses.

We here at All Star roofing know that we are more than qualified to provide you a new metal roofing system that stays at an affordable price. One of our professionals will help you to make the best roofing decision for your home or business.

During this process, you will not be alone or confused about what is going on.  An expert will take you step by step through the process and explain all that is happening.

Call us today to talk about our metal roofing system offers. Or send us an email to get a free estimate on the cost of a metal roof for your home or business.

Types of Metal Roofing Systems

If you’ve been taking a look at your roof and it seems like you might need a roof repair or roof replacement, consider Metal Roofing. What does metal roofing offer that other roofing materials don’t?

When you’re looking at changing the material that your roof is made up of, it is probably for a couple of reasons. These include durability, efficiency, and cost. Let us tell you that metal roofing provides durability, is efficient, and the cost is affordable and worth it in the long run.

It has been proven that meta roofing helps to save customers money on their energy bills. Metal roofing is energy efficient. Many homeowners have testified to saving up to 20% on their energy bills, heating, and cooling, overall.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum happens to be a very valuable roofing material. This is because it doesn’t require much maintenance and the look of the material is stays appealing for years.

This type of roofing material protects your roof from the harsh effects of natural disasters. These include harsh rains and winds. You don’t need to keep repairing your roof whenever you get a hurricane or a rainstorm. Aluminum is able to withstand all of these natural disasters and still stay looking beautiful.

In addition to this, aluminum does not crack, warp, burn and is corrosion-resistant. Customers love aluminum roofing in specific because it is made of recycled material.

For more information about Aluminum metal roofing, visit our website.

Steel Shingle Roofing

Steel Shingle roofing is our second option for customers. Providing an easy, lightweight installation and beautiful finishes, steel roofing is a good choice for any home or business. With steel roofing, we offer a  lifetime limited warranty. Other companies will not offer this kind of warranty to their customers because they know that their roofing system will not be able to hold up that long.

Wood shingles, composition, and asphalt tend to wear out and cause damage. With steel, you get a strong, durable roofing system that will stand against many different things. So we know that our steel shingle roofing will last you a lifetime.

Visit our website for more information on Steel Shingle Roofing.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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Huntsville TX metal roof cost.

The Standing Seam Roofing that we provide has a life expectancy of 40+ years. To meet the demands of roofing that can last and withstand a hurricane, we have enhanced our system. Because of this, we have been able to ensure our customers that their roofing will stay together throughout the most intense conditions.

The non-exposed fastener, interlocking system that we use for this type of roofing provides your home or building with the most protection. With this system, your home is sure to be safe from the crazy weather conditions of Texas.

Read more about Standing Steam Roofing.

Composition Shingle Roofing

Composition Shingle Roofing is one of our most popular systems. This system makes up almost 85% of roofing systems. Because this system is finished with asphalt, which makes it waterproof, we get a lot of customers that request this system.

Composition Shingle roofing is waterproof and fire-resistant. Read more about Composition Shingle Roofing.

Pricing and Designs


When looking at pricing between metal roofing and regular wood or asphalt roofing, many say that Huntsville TX metal roof cost is expensive. We like to tell customers that they are making an investment and what they should think about is all the money they will be saving in the future.

If you calculate the cost of what it would be to repair your current roofing over time and the cost of a one-time installation for metal roofing, the costs will be similar. In the long run, installing metal roofing will save you money. Wood, asphalt, and composition roofs require a lot of maintenance. Save money on all those repairs by installing metal roofing today.

Talk to us today about your roofing project. Get a free estimate by filling out the free quote form on our website. You can have your quote in as little as 48 hours. Or give us a call today. We will be happy to discuss your roofing project with you.


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Feel free to customize your new roof with any color or style you like!

Something we like to tell our customers is that metal roofing does not just look like a piece of metal. This is a common misconception when it comes to metal roofing. The reality is that metal roofing comes with many different finishes, designs, and colors. What will be hard is choosing the design you want for your home because they are all beautiful.

Check out the roofing designs and colors that could be on your home, and give us a call so we can come and install them.

View the Aluminum chart, Steel Shingle Chart, Standing Steam Chart, and Composition Shingle Chart.

Huntsville TX metal roof cost

At All Star Roofing Systems, we are big on using recycled material. When we remove existing composition or wood roofing, we make sure that it does get recycled. This way, it can be used for something else, and we save the environment.

Consider changing your roofing to metal roofing with us at All Star Roofing Systems. All Star Roofs has affordable Huntsville TX metal roof cost.

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