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If you’re searching for Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies, then call All-Star Roof Systems. Since 1965, we have been giving homeowners beautiful metal roofs that they can be proud of. Since we have been family-owned and operated for over 50 years, you can always count on us for reliable and excellent service.

When you call us today, we’ll help give you high-quality metal roof options. Our founder, Ron Chappelow, always put craftsmanship and customer service as one of our highest priorities. When you search for Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies, you will find we’re the best option around.

To learn more about our great aluminum and steel roofs, call us at (281)-987-9000. Additionally, we install standing seam metal roofs and traditional composite shingles.

Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies

Get the best metal roofing contractors with the best prices.

Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies

Many homeowners must deal with roofing repairs and roof replacements. However, All-Star Roof Systems ensures that you get top-notch service. Throughout the years, we have been giving homeowners in the greater Houston area and Atascocita quick and easy metal roof installations that they can afford.

As a result of our hard work and commitment to excellence, we were able to become a member of the Better Business Bureau. Not only that, but we also have an A+ rating from them as well. The vast majority of homes use traditional asphalt shingles, and while they are common, it is not the most durable material.

All-Star Roof Systems gets roofing materials that are both American-made and recyclable. Because of this, we highly recommend our services if you want to get a roof that will last for years with very little maintenance. Your roof is an essential aspect of your home, and without a quality roof, you can find yourself spending hundreds of dollars in repairs.

The Many Benefits of Metal Roofing Services

When it comes to your home, you want the best. And that’s precisely what All-Star Roof Systems is trying to accomplish. Arguably one of the best reasons to get a metal roof in your home is because of how durable it is. Unlike traditional asphalt, which only lasts twenty years, our roofs can last for up to fifty years.

Not only is this incredibly beneficial for long-term homeowners, but it also provides you with peace of mind. During hurricane season, the winds can completely destroy your roof. Even if the damage is small, you could end up with small repairs and leaks from the roof. Our steel and aluminum roofs can withstand hurricane-level winds of up to 120 miles per hour!

Not only that, but roofs from us also have a special coating which allows them to be weather-resistant. You won’t have to worry about a corroding roof when you go with us. Homeowners who live in or around a coastal region should absolutely consider our services if they want to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Lastly, due to the durability of metal, you won’t have to worry about dents, rotting, warping, or cracking like you would other forms of roofing. Undoubtedly, the Texas heat and cold can do significant damage to your roof over time. Even if the damage isn’t enough to warrant a repair, the elements can give your roof a worn-out look that may not be appealing.

The Disadvantages of Asphalt Shingles

Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies

Asphalt shingles are not as durable as metal roofs.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a roof from us. However, there are some important notes you should be aware of when it comes to asphalt shingles and roofing. First, it doesn’t last as long as our roofs. Many people want to purchase a home they can live in until retirement or pass on to a relative.

Asphalt shingles usually need replacement within 20 years, and that’s assuming they don’t experience damage beforehand. To avoid continually dealing with repairs, get a metal roof! Furthermore, asphalt shingles are more prone to developing moss, mold, and algae. The spores of these three nuisances are airborne and will warrant costly repairs in the future.

Asphalt Shingles are also not appealing to many homeowners. If you want to give your home a unique look, it’s not the best idea to go with the most common roofing material. We offer a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes fort to enhance the aesthetic decor of your house. As a matter of fact, homes with metal roofs have excellent resale value.

When you get a metal roof installed in your home, you can recoup some of your money. Approximately 60% to 68% of a metal roof’s value is added to a house during resale. Because of this, All-Star Roof Systems has a great warranty that is transferrable from homeowner to homeowner. Our warranty includes coverage on hail damage and coat repairs.

Variety, Variety, Variety!

Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies

Our roofs come in many colors and patterns!

Many people are under the impression that metal roofing is only for specific buildings, such as industrial warehouses or barns. However, this is not the case. All-Star Roof Systems is proud to say that we have a great catalog of colors, sizes, and shapes for your room. We always ensure that your home has a roof that complements its style.

Unlike other roof materials such as ceramic and clay tiles, our roofs make your home stand out in appearance. Because of this, a roof from us will go great with a home of any style. Contemporary, colonial, and southwestern homes all look great with our aluminum and steel roofs. When you’re enjoying your home’s new look, you’ll be glad you searched for Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies.

There has never been a better time to get a metal roof. Call today at (281)-987-9000 for a free estimate. For the best Atascocita TX Metal roofing companies with affordable prices, go with All-Star Roof Systems.

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