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Thanks to its superior weather-tightening qualities its sleek/modern look and how long it is supposed to last, Houston TX standing seam metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular. Metal roofing is a general term that covers a wide range of roofing options, products, and choices.

When someone refers to “metal roofing,” he or she may be thinking about metal shingles or tiles, and the exposed fastener roofing system typical to farm buildings, or perhaps even a standing seam metal roofing system.

Standing seam is becoming increasingly popular among all the types of metal roofing as property owners search for products that last a long time, look modern and protect their structure.

Houston TX standing seam metal roofing

Houston TX standing seam metal roofing

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Standing seam metal roofing is defined as a metal panel system with a concealed fastener that features vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the legs. It is also defined as having seams raised, or vertical legs, which rise above the level of the flat area of the panel. Standing seam structures may be used either for the most traditional metal roofing or the concrete walls.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The fact that no fasteners are noticeable on the surface ensures that they are not exposed to UV, moisture, wind, and other conditions. Exposing fasteners to such conditions may trigger a fastener to wear or malfunction over time.

It is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits of standing seam metal roofing. Standing seam systems also do not put holes in the panels to protect the structure. (Note: Flashing materials require proper functioning of the rivets and exposed fasteners.)

Tested To Perform To High Standards

Reputed manufacturers test their standing seam metal roofing systems to the industry’s high standards. Which means they are proven to work in extreme weather as engineered systems. Having this critical option is essential in areas prone to hurricanes and high winds.

Allows For Thermal Movement

If you restrict the expansion and contraction needed for a metal panel’s proper thermal movement, you can run into problems, including oil canning, fastener withdrawal, increased noise, and other issues.

The panels are usually not pinned in standing seam metal roofing systems, which ensures they can expand and contract easier.

Longevity and Lifecycle

Metal roofing is already a long-lasting, low-maintenance roofing solution, particularly when comparing it to other forms of roofing, such as shingles or tiles. As the fastener with standing seam systems will not go through the surface of the metal, frequent maintenance to look for loosening or damaged fasteners is much less common. Maintenance on a standing seam roof, however, is still necessary, but a skilled maintenance contractor would need to do this.


Another safeguard that comes with standing seam systems is the warranty provided by suppliers, especially the weather-tightened warranties, which guarantee that their systems will not malfunction because of the weather.

The manufacturer is therefore liable for making the required repair arrangements if it does fail. Note that most weather-tight contracts are available only for commercial projects.

Houston TX standing seam metal roofing

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Sleek, Consistent, and Modern Look

Thanks to its stylish and clean look, the Standing seam is becoming increasingly popular in architectural applications. Besides the smooth, straight lines provided by these panel systems, the metal may come to suit any structure in nearly any color, even custom colors.

Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roofing Is Energy-efficient

Standing seam systems are commonly made with cool roofing coil. It is highly reflective pigments and strongly emissive metal. Which ensures such systems do an excellent job of reflecting the rays of the sun and dispelling the associated radiant heat that other types of roofing may retain. In other words, cool roofing can help the cooling systems of a building work less in keeping a building cool.

Different Material Options

Some consumers believe there is only standing seam metal roofing available in Galvalume or other steel substrates. Also, aluminum, zinc, and copper are all reasonable options for seam profiles on the stand. Remember to look for the systems engineered for these materials as they will vary from the steel standards

Mounting Options

One of the best parts of the standing seam is the option of installing things. Such as solar panels, snow removal systems, swamp coolers, or other rooftop additions. Without ever needing to reach or create any holes in the roof sheet.

The Disadvantages of Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Higher Cost

It can be more costly comparing it to other types of metal roofing, especially exposed fastener systems. It’s not always the highest price. However, metal shingles and other stamped metal materials tend to come at a higher price.

Not Suitable For On a Flat Roofing Structure

This option is not ideal for houses or residences with a roof below a pitch of .5/12. Such flatter pitches are installed vertically and do not allow the drainage of water. Furthermore, it could result in premature deterioration, color changes, and panel system failure overall.

Can Be Harder To Repair or Replace

If damage or other problem happens with one panel or a smaller portion of the roof, it can be difficult to replace quickly. This is because the installation team must separate each particular panel from the panels, which remain on the structure.

For mechanically seamed systems, this method can be especially tedious as each panel will need to be unseamed.

Other Precautions

Insurance and hail damage waivers are essential to note that many home insurance companies offer “hail damage waivers.” Which reduces premium prices but waives the insurance company from paying the claim for your metal roofing repairs or replacements. Just be conscious that there are these kinds of waivers that exist. Make sure you do your homework or question the manufacturer before you sign.

Scratching-As with any metal roof, it is always likely to scrape during and after installation. It can be harder to see scratches due to the sheet metal roofing, precisely flat panels.

Always be sure to go outside regularly and inspect the roof for any signs of scraping or scuffing so that you can take the appropriate steps to patch it (using a paint pen contacting a contractor or even calling the manufacturer).

Houston TX standing seam metal roofing

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