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Are you looking for a Houston TX standing seam metal roof? But first, what is a standing seam metal roof? Standing seam is an industry term for vertical sheet metal sheets. Thanks to its simplicity, resilience, sustainability, functionality, durability, energy efficiency, and remarkably clean, bold looks, it is one of the most common metal roofing designs for homes.

If you like the sleek raised metal seams look and clean lines, consider installing this system on your home. In addition to complementing your home, a standing seam metal roof would also give it a modern look and feel, along with its unrivaled durability, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

Houston TX standing seam metal roof

Houston TX standing seam metal roof

Houston TX Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam is a high-end improvement from the traditional corrugated and ribbed metal roofs, and therefore it’s an upgrade in performance and longevity. Unlike its predecessor corrugated steel roofing, the standing seam has an advanced nature incorporating hidden fasteners. The ingenious concept of standing sheet metal roof with its signature raised seams, with no exposed screws in the roof, helps minimize the chance of leaking of a roof down the road.

Standing Seam vs. Corrugated Metal

Standing seam roofs are typically constructed from thicker steel grades than on corrugated steel roofs. While many corrugated steel roofs are built from thinner 29 gauge steel, at least 26 gauge G-90 galvanized steel. More generally, Galvalume steel (better) is used to produce standing seam metal panels.

It is also necessary to use a 24 and 22 gauge steel for residential and commercial designs. Including architectural (requiring a roof deck) and structural (requiring only an acceptable roof frame).

The mid-panel stiffening method is sometimes employed by sheet metal manufacturers suppliers and producers for 16-inch. Wider standing seam panels to prevent “carbon canning” of the panels. A metal coil from which standing seam panels are made is usually factory coated with a Kynar 500 high-end paint finish. Unlike its close cousins, these are corrugated and ribbed metal roofs (with exposed fasteners), mostly finished with cheaper acrylic paints.

The Woodlands TX Metal Roofing Companies

Houston TX standing seam metal roof

Loved by residential and commercial architects

Many architects like to define standing seams for new construction developments and retrofit existing roofs, thanks to their uniqueness. Many architects are particularly fond of specifying standing seams for new construction schemes, as well as retrofitting existing roofs, due to the simplicity, resilience, sustainability and relative strength and flexibility.

Standing seam roofs can also help improve a house’s overall energy performance. And help prevent ice dams in the winter months.

Commonly Used Metals and Alloys

Standing seam panels can be manufactured of G-90 (galvanized) coated steel. Galvalume Steel (better quality than G-90 metal), bare and painted aluminum, zinc copper, titanium, and stainless steel.

Whether you live near a coastal area, using an aluminum standing seam roof is a good idea to avoid any corrosion and rusting hazards. Resulting from the relatively high salt concentration in coastal and marine environments

Two Types of Standing Seam

Standing seam Field-locked (mechanically locked) requires special crimping equipment to crimp down / lock the seams during installation Snap-lock standing seam system is a little more costly.

Still, a simple snapping of the panels together will lock the seams. Whatever type of system you choose to use, during installation, you will need to use manufacturer-approved fasteners with each panel.

How Does Standing Seam Compare to Metal Shingles?

Standing seam metal roofs typically cost 25 to 35 percent more than metal shingles to install. There’s no significant difference between the two systems as regards efficiency.

However, the efficiency of your installation and strict adherence to the standards of the manufacturer of your system is by far the most critical factor deciding the reliability and output of any high-end metal roof, whether it’s residential or commercial.

Houston TX pan metal roofing

Houston TX metal roofing

Cost Per Square Feet

If you order under 500 sq, at the local metal fabrication shop, the expense for the supplies will be about $4.50 to $6.00 per square feet. The materials would range from $2,250 to $3,000 anywhere for that medium-sized front porch over a patio on your home.

With larger orders than 1,000 square feet, it will cost the custom-made metal panels about $4.00 per square feet. There is also the expense of matching metal flashings. Like drip-edge flashing, metal coil for chimney and skylight flashing, snow guards for doorways and entrances underlays, and appropriate screws.

Your total average material costs at these places will be around $4.50 per square feet for a medium-sized order of custom fabricated standing seam metal roofing panels.

In reality, you can also buy prefabricated Houston TX standing seam metal roof panels for about $2.00 per square feet at Lowe’s or Home Depot. However, these panels are restricted to standard lengths and colors. They are usually constructed of low-end, thin (26 or 29 g) galvanized steel.

Residential Metal Roofs

In high-end residential Houston TX standing seam metal roof installations, you should strive for 24 or 22 gauge  the smaller gauge number, the better — the lower the number, the thicker the panel) Galvalume steel (better quality, zinc-aluminum coating.Galvalume steel performs better and longer than galvanized steel) or aluminum sheets finished with Kynar 500 paint

Note: Never buy low-cost metal panels for residential applications finished with acrylic paint. Unlike finish Kynar 500, acrylic paint can peel and fade. Warranty Labor Costs On average, the standing seam would range from $4.00 to $8.00 for installation anywhere (labor and warranty not including material costs), depending on the roof’s complexity and location.

Total Cost

The overall cost of installing a Houston TX standing seam metal roof could vary from $10.00 to $15.00 per square feet. Building permits, materials, labor, and a quality warranty would be included.

Impressive Selection of Standard and Custom Colors

A wide selection of standing seam profiles in galvanized steel, Galvalume steel, and aluminum are usable. Substantially all of these metals are sold in a wide range of regular and design shades at large roofing supplies stores. Such as Beacon Supply and ABC supply, where they also have sheet metal supplier shops.

Big roofing manufacturers usually have many standard color metal coils available in store for the manufacture of metal panels in whatever color you want. Even if you’re willing to pay extra for the luxury color and don’t mind waiting a few weeks, they can also get a custom or customized metal coil from the supplier as well.

All-Star Roof Systems

All-Star Roof Systems is a metal roofing company located in Houston, TX. For over 50 years, we have supported the greater Houston area. We support our customers at an affordable rate, with all their roofing requirements. We focus on providing the best services in aluminum, steel, and composite roofing to the residents of the greater Houston area.

There are many roofing systems and roofing options to choose from. We have installed all types of metal roofs, provide excellent roofing repairs and quality roofing over 30 years of experience. You’ll see a difference in your energy savings. Allow us to provide you with roofing solutions. Metal roofs are installed vertically and are better than asphalt shingles and traditional shingle roofs. You’ll notice how the panels installed on your roofs will make your house look elegant and classy.

We know how important it is to have a roofing you can trust here at All-Star Roof Systems. You can rest assured, with our help, that your roof replacement is better than new. We provide the roofing materials you need for the work, from commercial to residential use. Which means we’re providing you with the materials products and installation at a low cost. Call us at (281) 987-9000 for a free consultation and see how you can get Houston TX standing seam metal roof installed on your home.

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