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For the most reliable Pearland TX metal roofing, make sure that your first choice is the right choice. All-Star Roof Systems is here to ensure that you get the best roof replacement for your residential and commercial building. No matter what style or color you need, our roofing material can give you the perfect mix. Our roofing contractors are ready and eager to help you with all of your roofing projects.

As a roofing company, we know how essential it is to get the best results from your roof. Whether its metal, asphalt, or other types of roof, you need the most optimal outcome from the best installers. All-Star Roof Systems has a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. That means that we have zero complaints from our customers for over 50 years. From shingle roofing to standing seams, we provide every option you may need for your metal roofing.

We provide our clients with business hours from Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We know that rooftop repairs and replacement is a significant thing that needs doing. So, we want to be there for you whenever necessary. That is why we also offer emergency services so that you can get our support when disaster strikes. No matter what reason you have for needing our services, you can count on us for your Pearland TX metal roofing.

Pearland TX Metal Roofing

Pearland TX Metal Roofing

Pearland TX Metal Roofing You Can Count On

All-Star Roof Systems has served the greater Houston area for decades with our quality roofing products and installation. Since 1965, we have made thousands of homes more resilient and more reliable than they ever were before. We intend to continue this trend into the future by innovating and redefining the standards for residential roofs. With our turnkey solutions, you can say goodbye to your old roof and hello to your premier metal roofing.

Our founder, Ron Chappelow, started All-Star Roof Systems to make roofing a better experience for the homeowner. He has always followed the idea that quality work and customer service were the keys to achieving this goal. Our expert team of installers continues Ron’s wishes and pushes for the best results for your home. With our products and expertise, you can’t go wrong.

Our goal is to bring the roofs of our customers into the future with new and improved solutions. Over 85% of roofs in the world are still asphalt. While they are cheaper and easier to manufacture, the negatives outweigh it all. Composite roofs are far weaker and add dramatically to our annual landfills every year. With our metal roofing, we don’t even remove and toss the old roofing. Instead, we install it over the old roof, avoiding waste. Furthermore, our metal roofs are almost 90% recyclable, which also avoids adding to the landfills.

For a more lightweight and cost-effective option, metal roofs are perfect. This material also prevents up to 90% of outside heat from entering your home. That means that your air conditioner doesn’t get overworked by the outside temperature, and your heating bill is reduced. In addition, metal roofing will last you anywhere from 40 to 50 years without any maintenance. Meanwhile, composite asphalt shingles typically only last between 20 to 30 years on your roof.

Metal Roof Options We Carry

All-Star Roof Systems wants you to have a wide selection of choices for your roof. To achieve this, we need to know what kind of metal roof would work best for you. To ensure that every customer’s preference is met, we offer a plethora of options for your benefit.

For example, we offer aluminum and steel roofing that can come in several different colors and styles. In addition, each of these materials can come in shakes, shingles, or standing seams. Whatever your home is better equipped for or what your decision is, All-Star Roof Systems has just the thing for you. Call us today to find out which metal roofing material and type you would like, and we can get started.

Pearland TX Metal Roofing

We’re here to provide the best aluminum metal roofing in Pearland

Aluminum Shakes and Shingles

As a metal roofing company, it’s essential that we provide everything you need for quality results. As a result, we carry metal materials with the highest rated customer satisfaction. Aluminum roofing is perfect because it’s light and yet durable and keeps out natural elements with ease. We work closely with manufacturers like Classic Metal Roofing Systems to provide the best aluminum roofing products to our customers.

Traditional roofs connect with overlapping sealants, which is not the best way to protect your home from the weather. Heavy winds and rain need to be blocked out entirely, which is where our aluminum roofs come in. Classic Metal Roofing Systems manufactures aluminum roofing such as Country Manor, Rustic, and Oxford Aluminum Shingles. With these options, you gain long, interlocking panels that don’t leave rain any room to seep in. With this strong grip on your roof, you get true weather-resistance and a cleaner look for your roof.

Country Manor Aluminum Shakes give your home a real-wood look without the real-wood downsides. For instance, wood is prone to decay, mold, black streaks, and more without maintenance. Even with no support, our aluminum roofing prevents all of these things for twice as long. Our Rustic Shingles give your roofing a more rugged texture that mimics wood-grain. As for our Oxford Shingles, this is the most reliable and durable option among our aluminum. It has the most energy-efficiency, resilience, and dependability of our aluminum products.

Steel Shingles

Like our aluminum options, our steel products are reliable and long-lasting. Green American Home manufactures products such as Centura Steel Shingles for the purpose of being lightweight and affordable for all types of roofs. It also comes with a 30-year fade and chalk warranty that keeps it looking as good as new. This is on top of the Lifetime Limited Warranty that allows you to transfer the warranty up to 40 years of the installation.

Pearland TX Metal Roofing

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All-Star Roof Systems is here to ensure that you and your family are well protected from the forces of nature. Whether it’s a hurricane, hail, or fire, having a roof that can take the pressure is essential for survival. Call (281) 987-9000 or find us online for more information. Get in touch with us now and get the best Pearland TX metal roofing.

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • Pearland has a territory that expands into three different counties
  • “Mark Belt” was the original name of Pearland
  • The city is the second-fastest growing city in Texas
  • For more, click here


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