Sugar Land TX Metal Roofing Near Me

Are you searching for Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me? Look no further than the premier metal roofing company, All-Star Roof Systems. Since 1965, we have been providing high-quality roofing and professional roof installation that is affordable. We specialize in all types of roofs, including aluminum and steel shingle roofing.

Furthermore, we provide you with excellent customer service and roofing contractors with years of experience. Our founder, Ron Chappelow, believes in professional craftsmanship, and we continue to deliver outstanding results. When it comes to standing seam metal roofs, aluminum roofing, and steel roofing, we’re the best service out there.

We install high-quality metal roofs for both residential and commercial buildings. And now, we provide services to Sugar Land. Give us a call today at (281)-987-9000 to learn more. We make it easy when you’re searching for Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me.

Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me

Since 1965, we have been one of the best metal roofing companies around.

The Best Metal Roofing Contractor Around

There is no roofing job that we can’t handle. We promise to deliver fantastic roofing services that will leave you satisfied. For over fifty years, we have been a leading figure when it comes to metal roof replacement. Through our hard work, we became the exclusive roofing contractor for country manor aluminum shake roofing.

As a result of our hard work, we were able to get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a member. We were also the recipient of two different Distinction Awards in 2016 and 2019. As you can see, we make sure to go the extra mile to ensure you are given the absolute best services. Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me has never been closer.

Through our years of experience, we have made great strides in making sure your roof is installed quickly, safely, and efficiently. Additionally, we install traditional composition shingles along with metal roofs. All-Star Roof Systems doesn’t just install. We also have roof repair services. Whether it’s aluminum, steel, or composite, we are the best choice to go with.

Aluminum, Steel, and Standing Seam Metal Roofing

All-Star Roof Systems believes in giving you a roof that works for your home or business. Our roofing materials are some of the best around; they are American-made to support the local economy. Furthermore, they are made of recyclable material, so they are green-friendly. There are a lot of misconceptions about metal roofing.

For example, many homeowners believe that asphalt is the best choice for their home. However, traditional asphalt shingles can’t endure storm damage as well as metal roofs. Our metal roofs are so durable they can withstand hurricane-level winds of 120 miles per hour! Our roofs are great for those who live near coastal regions.

Many people will find it surprising to know that metal roofing has been gaining popularity in recent times. If you’re under the impression that steel or aluminum is only for commercial roofing, then think again. All-Star Roof Systems has excellent roof choices for homes of any style. Whether you have a colonial style home or a contemporary one, we have something that fits for you.

Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me

Aluminum and steel roofs can last for 40 and even 50 years with little maintenance!

Myth #1 Metal Roofs Are More Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, investing in a roof from us can save you money in the long run. Unlike traditional asphalt shingles, that only last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, our roofs can last for forty years and up to fifty years! That is is nearly triple the lifespan of a regular roof. Additionally, they require little maintenance.

What this means is if you choose to have asphalt shingles, you will have to replace the entire roof a few times. Roof replacement is a costly procedure. Not only that, if you experience emergency roof repairs, then your roof maintenance might be going through the roof. If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t plan to sell, one of our metal roofs can be perfect for you.

Lastly, asphalt shingles could be raising your energy bills. Our standing seam metal roofs are a perfect solution to lower your air conditioning bill. Metal roofs reflect heat better than asphalt and can save you up to 20% on electricity costs. The summer in Texas are brutal, and this could be a permanent solution to your problem.

However, one of the best reasons to call us is that our roofs help increase the value of your home. If you do change your mind and intend to sell, approximately 60% to 68% of the value of your roof is added to your home. A metal roof is always a good investment and is a crucial selling point for future buyers.

Myth #2 Very Little Variety

Another big misconception regarding our products is that there is not enough variety. This is a big myth and is not true. All-Star Roof Systems has a fantastic selection of colors, patterns, sizes, and styles to choose from. The majority of homes use traditional asphalt because it’s widely available and cheap.

Not only that, but steel roofs and standing seam roofs also have an advantage over ceramic and clay tiles. Ceramic tiles only give your home a specific look and come in a small selection of colors. But our products come in many colors such as evergreen, copper, slate rock gray, slate rock blue, and much more. Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me is just around the corner.

Our roofs mimic the charm of wood shakes and shingles without the hassle of dealing with mold and growth of algae and moss. All-Star Roof Systems gets its supply from Classic Metal Roof Systems, and our products are lightweight. Thus, they are easy to install and come in many shapes and sizes, making them ideal for homes big or small.

Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me

Our roofs come in a variety of colors and sizes that fit the style of your home.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons you should contact us to get the roof that you’ve always wanted. When you want high-quality service and superior customer service, give us a call. We’ll help figure out what is the best type of roof for your home or commercial building. Call us at (281)-987-9000.

Since 1965, we have been the most trusted source when it comes to metal roofing. Once you’re enjoying your beautiful roof, you’ll be glad you searched for Sugar Land TX metal roofing near me.

Fun Facts about Sugar Land, Texas

  • Sugar Land got its name from its early days when sugar cane was the dominant crop here.
  • Come to Sugar Land to visit the very fun and fascinating Museum of Natural Science!
  • You can test your ice skating skills at the Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center.
  • To learn more exciting facts about Sugar Land, please visit


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