Katy TX Metal Roof Over Shingles Installation

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For the best Katy TX metal roof over shingles installation in Houston, TX, make sure your first choice is the right one. All-Star Roof Systems provides an excellent job for quality roofing. Whether it’s a residential roof or commercial roof, we bring you the best roofing installers and roofing materials for the job. We can install anything from standing seam metal roofs, shingle roofs, metal shakes, and more. For your roof replacement, call us today.

As a roofing contractor, we understand the significance of roof repair and energy efficiency. Our metal roof installations are tailored to providing the best coverage for your home. Unlike other roofing businesses, we sport A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This means that we have suffered no customer complaints over the last 50 years. With a track record like that, you can be sure that your roof is in good hands. We do our best work the first time, every time.

All-Star Roof Systems is here to provide the best roofing service for the most affordable price. We provide business hours from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday through Friday. However, as roofers, we know that disaster can strike at any moment. That’s why we also offer emergency services in case of storm damage or falling debris. So don’t wait, and let’s bring you the right Katy TX metal roof over shingles installation.

Katy TX Metal Roof Over Shingles Installation

Katy TX Metal Roof Over Shingles Installation

The Most Reliable Katy TX Metal Roof Over Shingles Installation

All-Star Roof Systems is here to provide the most dependable metal roofing to all of our clients. Since 1965, we have given homeowners the gift of metal roofing and the advantages they come with. No matter what kind of roof you have, our roofing becomes a significant upgrade. With metal roofing, you increase the value of your home dramatically.

Ron Chappelow founded All-Star Roof Systems over 50 years ago to provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative to asphalt. Now, we want to help everyone we can make the jump from composite to metal. To ensure that all of our clients get the most efficient and effective results for their houses, we focus our efforts on quality installations above all else. So you can rest assured that your roof will be all that it can be and more.

We devote ourselves to providing aid to homeowners all over Houston with their home protection. We want homeowners to know that there is a better way than composite asphalt roofing. Asphalt roofs make up around 85% of the world’s roofs. While they are cheaper and easier to manufacture, they have an assortment of problems as well. For example, they require constant maintenance to remain effective. Even with regular upkeep, they still only last about 20 to 30 years upon installation.

Also, thousands of pounds of the world’s landfills are from old composite roofing yearly. When we install metal roofs, the panels go over the old roofing and negates the need to remove them. This lowers our carbon footprint and keeps your roof looking good.

All-Star Services

All-Star Roof Systems utilizes the most optimal roofing services. Our roofs last over 40 to 50 years and require little to no maintenance. We also include a Lifetime Limited Warranty that can be transferred to a new homeowner. Our metal roofing is also made of 90% recyclable material, which reduces the waste produced. This way, you maximize your roof’s efficiency and gain a resilient cover.

Another benefit to our metal roofing is how they reflect up to 90% of heat from the house. This alleviates the strain it puts on your air conditioner and reduces your monthly utility bill. Our metal roofs are also fireproof, weather-resistant, and stainless, so you know you’re getting style and durability.

Katy TX Metal Roof Over Shingles Installation

Try out our aluminum standing seams to see the difference from your old roofing

Aluminum Roofing

When you need quality roofing, you need to know what material is best for your home. Our aluminum roofing is designed to be durable, reliable, and withstand any punishment. Whether it’s a falling tree or storm, you can count on these shingles and shakes for protection. Our weatherproof aluminum is secure from heavy winds, rain, snow, hail, fire, and more.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems has named All-Star Roof Systems an exclusive Houston dealer for all of their products. As a manufacturer, their products have a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Their aluminum panels come in long, interlocking sets that connect at the seams. This leaves no room for anything to slip past it. Also, they are designed to keep water and debris off. Without any buildup of water and gunk, you don’t have to worry about mold and black streaks.

All-Star Roof Systems provides three of Classic Metal Roofing Systems’ aluminum products. We offer Country Manor Aluminum Shakes, Rustic Aluminum Shingles, and Oxford Aluminum Shingles. Each of these options come in different designs, styles, and colors to allow for optimal customization.

Country Manor provides your roof with a real-wood look and the benefits of metal roofing. Real wood burns, cracks, and warps over time and metal roofing suffer from none of this. That means that you can enjoy your wood aesthetic and metal durability. With the best of both worlds, it’s a win-win option. Our Rustic Shingles provide a wood-grain finish that gives you a rugged texture. This is perfect for when you need to scale the roof for any reason, and water and debris still slide right off.

Last but certainly not least, Oxford Shingles is our top-performing aluminum roofing. This roofing gives you the benefit of the most optimal results on all fronts. From weather-resistance to longevity, our Oxfords are the ideal product for any home.

Katy TX Metal Roof Over Shingles Installation

For the best steel roofing in Katy, call us today

Steel Roofing

Another of our options is our steel roofing. This roofing allows you to have an easy-to-install, lightweight, and durable metal roof. With the best installers on the job, you can expect a streamlined installation and a roof that will last you decades. Our steel manufacturer, Green American Home, offers Centura Steel Shingles that are fantastic for every home.

Contact Us Today

All-Star Roof Systems is here to make sure that you get all of the best outcomes for your roofing. Whether you pick aluminum or steel, we are more than ready and eager to help you. Call (281) 987-9000 or find us online for more information. For the best Katy TX metal roof over shingles installation, give us a shout now.

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • The name of the city comes from the “K-T Railroad.”
  • Rice is Katy’s main export, along with peanuts, cotton, and gas
  • Katy held an annual event called the Rice Festival every year since 1981
  • For more, click here


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