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If you are seeking “Houston TX metal roof repair contractors,” then contact All-Star Roofing Systems today. It is rare for a metal roof to need repairs. These types of roofs have significantly more benefits than asphalt shingle roofs. All-Star Roofing Systems can provide high-quality service and products to clients in the Greater Houston area.

The benefits of metal roofing are significantly more than other roofing materials. Plus, there are various types of metals clients can choose in order to get the most bang for their buck. Regardless, All-Star Roofing Systems is offering the highest quality in products and services.

We have more than 50 years of experience in the roofing business. Our team is also globally recognized and works with the best manufactures. In some cases, we are the exclusive dealers of certain roof products. The amount of trust our partners have in us and the numerous years of experience we have makes us the perfect choice for a roofing repair company.

Houston TX Metal Roof Repair Contractors

A metal roof offers more benefits than an asphalt shingle roof.

Of course, we do more than just repairs. Call today, and clients can get a free estimate for their roofing project. There is no longer a need to guess what your project may cost or hope it fits in the budge. All-Star Roofing Systems will provide an accurate number, and we will get the job done.

Types of Metal Roofing

All-Star Roofing Systems offers aluminum roofing, steel roofing, and standing seam roofing. Each of these metal types provides homeowners with the best look and most benefits. Clients can stand out from their neighbors or save money on their energy bills. No matter the benefit, homeowners can take advantage after installing the new roofing.

Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofing is capable of lasting for more than 50 years. That is significantly longer than the average asphalt shingle roofing. Asphalt shingles only last about 20 years, and that is if they are lucky. Aluminum is capable of sustaining strong winds, prevents corrosion and cracking, and is highly energy-efficient.

Plus, aluminum will not spark or ignite if it comes into contact with lightning or fire. In addition, aluminum roofing offers an environmentally friendly option as it is made from recycled materials. And, the aluminum can be recycled once its life has ended.

All-Star Roofing Systems works closely with Classic Metal Roofing Systems to use their Country Manor Shake Aluminum Roofing. We are an authorized dealer for this type of roofing and are the only ones capable of installing it for clients. Country Manor Shake is one of the most popular aluminum roof types because it can have a resemblance to wood or slate.

Steel Shingle Roofing

Steel shingles provide many of the same benefits as aluminum roofing. However, there are some differences. Firstly, steel shingles are surprisingly lighter than asphalt shingles. This makes for an easier installation process. Even though it is capable of corroding, we have advanced finishes that can help prevent such a problem.

Steel will also lower your energy bill as it can save 20 percent on overall heating and cooling costs. Wood and asphalt shingles never last as long and start to deteriorate after the first contact with the elements. Steel prevents such wear and tear.

Houston TX Metal Roof Repair Contractors

Steel Shingle Roofing

All-Star Roofing Systems is happy to offer Centura Steel Shingle Roofing. This type of roofing offers a spectacular warranty that lasts for 40 years. Homeowners can transfer this warranty to the next owners as well. This steel shingle option also guarantees against fading and chalking for 30 years.

Steel roofing is capable of protecting homes from the strongest of winds. In fact, steel shingles can withstand 120 mile per hour winds from hurricanes or tropical storms. Plus, homeowners will be happy to know they are fire-resistant.

Standing Seam

Steel standing seam roofing lasts about 40 years. This lifetime is twice the length of asphalt shingles. Moreover, standing seam roofing protects against hurricanes and storms better than almost any other roof. Home and business owners will be oblivious to weather when it comes to standing seam roofing.

Standing seam roofing is perfect when it comes to element protection. Heat, cold, wind, rain, and hail are no match for this type of roof. In addition to this benefit, homeowners can choose from various colors. The look of your roof will not be compromised as it uses an interlocking, non-exposed fastener system. This helps prevent the roof from looking evasive and preserves the look of the home.

All-Star Roofing Systems has partnered with McElroy Metal to use various types of standing seam roofs. Each type provides its own types of benefits and drawbacks. However, they all provide the same essential benefits metal roofing provides.

Overall Benefits of Metal Roofing

If you are considering a new roof in the Greater Houston area, then you should consider metal roofing. It offers a wide range of benefits that outweigh many other options. Below, you can find a list of benefits that metal roofs can provide.

  • Last from 40 to 70 years
  • Sustain winds and impacts from storms and hurricanes
  • Resistant to cracks, dents, and corrosion
  • Resistant to fires and lightning
  • Reduce the costs of energy bills
  • Created from recyclable materials and are recyclable at the end of their life
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Come in a variety of colors
Houston TX Metal Roof Repair Contractors

Enjoy the benefits of a metal roof.

The list of benefits above do not include those clients get when hiring All-Star Roofing Systems. The warranties and services we offer even more benefits for homeowners. A roof’s warranty is another important aspect, and All-Star Roofing Systems is happy to offer the best warranties in the Houston area.

Houston TX Metal Roof Repair Contractors

If you need your metal roof repair, then contact All-Star Roofing Systems today. You can reach our team by calling (281) 987-9000. Ask us about our free estimate and warranties. If you do not have a metal roof, then you may want to consider switching over.

All-Star Roofing Systems provides the best options when it comes to metal roofing. Clients will enjoy the services, products, and warranties we provide. There is no longer a need for an asphalt roof. So, stop searching “Houston TX metal roof repair contractors” and start calling today.

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