Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing

Do you require services from the best Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing company? If you do, know that All-Star Roof Systems has been serving customers for over 50 years. Our many years in the roofing industry made us the most effective and reliable metal roofers around. When acquiring our roofing services, you can rest assured that we will be by your side every step of the way.

We are commited to giving you the highest quality products at the most affordable rates. Our company offer you everything from aluminum roofs to steel roofs, and much more. One of our primary focus is providing the best choice for your home. Rest assured that with our roofs and products, you will obtain a home that is strong, reliable, and efficient.

Metal roofs are becoming the way of the future. Not only do they add to the overall aesthetic of your home, but they provide several benefits. Therefore, start enjoying everything our metal roofs have to offer. Come to All-Star Roof systems and get ready to give your home the best.

Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing

Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing

Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing

Most people tend to avoid metal roofs because they are not looking at the long-run picture. The prices for lifetime metal roofs are usually three times the cost of traditional composition shingle roofs. However, the main reason behind this is because metal roofs are more efficient and durable. In other words, an aluminum or steel roof will last you longer.

Also, metal roofs need little to no maintenance. Without having to re-roof your home, you can expect our metal roofs to last for more than 50 years. On the contrary, composite roofs would requrie replacement and can build it mold, fungi, and so forth. To avoid that, look into the metal roofing systems we offer.

Another great reason to consider metal roofs is their reflective roofing material. Most homes in the Houston area have metal roofs because they help reflect the heat rather than absorbing it. With that, you can enjoy a more comfortable home. Therefore, thinking about it, the price for metal roofs matches the results they bring.

About All-Star Roof Systems

Our company was founded by Ron Chappelow in 1965. The central belief Ron wanted to uphold was quality customer service and craftsmanship. To make that happen, only the most talented and experienced people are hired for the job.

You can expect our team to know precisely what they are doing and help keep you aware. More so, we ensure that all our products meet the high standards we set. With our work, we dedicate the time to assure that you receive the best roofing system possible.

Our installers specialize in all sorts of metal roofs, from aluminum to steel, and more. We are well aware that people have different preferences, that’s why we offer such a wide variety of products.

Choose a crew that isdedicated to giving you a roof that will protect you. By choosing our Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing company, rest easy knowing your home will stay looking better than ever before. Learn more about the different types of metal roofs we offer, its benefits, and the excellent warranties we provide.

Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing

We can offer you aluminum panels that resemble wood.

Aluminum Roofing

When you visit our company, you obtain the most reliable materials around. In fact, we are an authorized dealer for Classic Metal Roofing Sytems and their Country Manor Aluminum Shake Roofing. No other dealer around will provide you with this product. For aluminum roofing, this product is very popular because it gives the appearance of wood or shakes.

Other tile roofing materials are overlapped and reduce the roof’s resistance to weather. On the other hand, our aluminum tiles offer more advantages. For one, they provide more protection against strong winds. By locking together on all sides, we create a tight seal that protects from all types of weather. In doing so, we are also adding to the aesthetic of our homes.

Aluminum roofing systems have become very popular in today’s roofing industry. With their great benefits, there is no doubt as to why people are choosing this roof option. When you give your home an aluminum roof, you receive both a great look and better protection.

Steel Roofing

If you are searching for more freedom when choosing a roof system, look into our steel roofs. We provide a variety of steel roof options, from all colors to designs, and more. That way, you have the convenience to choose and pick to your liking. Helping you design your dream home is a priority, and with the right roof system, we can achieve that.

Our steel shingles are build from the most durable materials and offered at the most affordable prices. Although steel is a heavy material, our steel shingles are designed lightweight to aid in the metal roofing installation. Once you install our steel metal roof, learn more about the exceptional warranty we offer.

We offer a Lifetime Limited warranty with our Centura Steel Shingle Roofing. You can transfer our warranty from one homeowner to another. That way, if you sell your house, the new homeowner will now benefit from the warranty. This warranty will last for up to 40 years after installation. Also, or 30-year fade and chalk warranty avoids maintenance and keeps the original color of your roof.

Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are becoming the way of the future, and they are environment friendly.

Environmental Benefits

Whether you require residential or commercial roofing, know that metal roofs are great for any homes or offices. They are, without a doubt, some of the most environmentally friendly roofs around. For instance, our roofs are made from recycled material and can be installed on the existing roof. Therefore, we avoid harming our environment.

Even better, we help you save money on your utility expenses. It does not matter if you decided on an aluminum or steel roof, or a standing seam metal roof, we have you covered. Our roofing system will reduce the costs for your utilities and removal. Choose a metal roof today!

Visit All-Star Roof Systems Soon

If you are located in Houston Tx, make sure to visit our All-Star Roof system for all your roof options. To learn more, browse through our website or call us at (281) 987-9000. For the best Tomball TX Pan Metal Roofing services, visit us soon and give your home the best!

Tomball TX Fun Facts 

  • The “Superior Public Drinking Water System” was awarded to Tomball by the TCEQ.
  • Tomball is in the top three cities in Texas for our gas system.
  • In the 1800s, immigrants who settled in the area were drawn by the region’s agricultural and pastoral resources.
  • For more info, visit here!


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