Sugar Land TX Pan Metal Roofing

Have you been looking for Sugar Land TX Pan Metal Roofing? All-Star Roof Systems is the place to call for your metal roofing needs. For over 50 years, we have been the premier metal roof installation company with the best prices. Call us today to find out about our steel, aluminum, and standing seam roof options.

Additionally, we install traditional composite shingles. All-Star Roof Systems does it all! Since 1965, we have been providing high-quality roof materials that protect and enhance your home. We believe through excellent craftsmanship and superior customer service; we can help homeowners achieve their roof repair goals.

Please give us a call at (281)-987-9000 to get a free estimate! Searching for Sugar Land TX pan metal roofing has never been easier.

Sugar Land TX pan metal roofing

For over 50 years, we have been installing amazing metal roofs for the best prices.

Durability For Affordable Prices

Many homeowners are unsure whether or not a metal roof is the best choice for their home. However, we’re here to let you know that it’s arguably the most long-lasting and robust material. A roof from us can last up to 40 to 50 years! Not only that, aluminum and steel roofing typically requires very little maintenance.

Undoubtedly, Texas weather can cause significant damage to your roof. When this happens, you can find yourself spending hundreds of dollars in repairs over the years. The best way to avoid such a hassle is to install one of our products over your pre-existing roofing. Not only does this save time, but it can save you money.

Unlike asphalt, which only lasts twenty years, metal roofs are not as prone to issues such as moss and algae. The spores of moss and algae are airborne and can spread quickly over your roof asphalt roof because they can survive on the materials that make up asphalt. However, things like mold and mildew are not a problem for metal.

Lastly, a roof from us is a great way to protect your home against hurricanes. All-Star Roof Systems has made sure that our roofs can withstand hurricane-level winds that reach 120 miles per hour. In comparison, asphalt and ceramic tiles can fly off with little effort and break off. Please don’t take that risk and protect your home with us!

Amazing Standing Seam Metal Roofs 

All-Star Roof Systems now offers excellent metal roof panels. A standing seam metal roof is made of panels with concealed fasteners and locking mechanisms. A significant advantage of our products is that they can go directly over the old roof. Because of this, you save money by not having to remodel your entire home.

We always want our clients to have a plethora of options for their homes. To accomplish this goal, we offer a great selection of colors and patterns that fit any home. It’s a big misconception that metal roofing only looks good on barns or industrial warehouses or stores. Some of the colors we have for you include the following:

  • Slate Gray
  • Dark Bronze
  • Terra Cotta
  • Evergreen
  • Copper Penny
  • And much more!

Metal roofing has been a staple for homes for many years now, and they are only getting more popular. We believe having variety is key to keeping our clients satisfied. Standing steam metal roofs vary from size, shape, and locking mechanism. Some of our most popular requests include Medallion-Lok, ClickLock, and Instaloc standing metal seams. For the best Sugar Land TX pan metal roofing, go with All-Star Roof Systems.

Earth-Friendly Roofing Products 

Sugar Land TX pan metal roofing

Our metal roofs are made with 95% recyclable material.

All-Star Roof Systems is proud to say that their products are made with 95% recyclable material. Another fantastic advantage that metal roofs have over other types of roofing is how earth-friendly our materials are. When asphalt shingles get thrown away, they most likely end up in landfills. Metal is always recyclable!

As mentioned before, our roofs go directly over your old one. As a result, we make sure we don’t waste your old roofing material. However, we can take your old roofing material for recycling if that is something you would like to do. One of our many goals is to make wasting roofing materials a thing of the past.

You can also cut down on the energy bill by installing one of our high-quality premium roofs. We have testimonials of clients saying they were able to save up to 20% on their air conditioning bill. This is because metal is the best material to reflect sunlight. In comparison, asphalt absorbs more heat.

Time and time again, metal roofs prove that they are one of the best alternatives for saving money and helping the planet. When you search for Sugar Land TX pan metal roofing, you will find that we always go the extra mile to give you the best products available. All-Star Roof Systems always give you a roof that you’re happy with.

Problems with Ceramic and Clay Roofing

Many homeowners think that ceramic is an excellent alternative to asphalt and metal. However, this type of material also comes with its fair share of problems. First, ceramic roofing is very heavy. Unlike metal, which is lightweight, ceramic roofing can take a long time to install, and as a result, you can be dealing with extra expenses on the cost of labor alone.

Secondly, ceramic roofs are not as robust as metal. While they tend to last a long time, they are more prone to breaking and random cracking. Not only is this inconvenient, but costly to repair. Especially if you live in a region near the coast, then ceramic tiles are not the best option to go with.

Lastly, ceramic and clay roofing does not complement most homes. While they are beautiful, they do not offer as much variety, like aluminum and steel roofing. Our products go great with cape townhomes, southwestern homes, and colonial homes. Ceramic tiles give your home a typical ‘southwestern’ look to your home, which can restrict your variety.

Sugar Land TX pan metal roofing

Steel and aluminum roofs go well with different styles of homes.

For The Best Metal Roofing Call Today

If you plan on being a long-term homeowner, then a metal roof is a safe bet. All-Star Roof Systems has a crew of installers with a minimum of twenty years of experience. As a result, you can always count on us to get the job done the first time. Call today at (281)-987-9000! Once you are enjoying your brand new metal roof, you’ll be glad you searched for Sugar Land TX pan metal roofing.

Fun Facts About Sugar Land, TX

  • Steven Spielberg directed one of his first movies, The Sugarland Express, in this fantastic city.
  • Millions of people visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science every year to check out the fossils of dinosaurs.
  • This city got its name from its early days in sugar cane production. To learn more exciting facts about Sugar Land, please visit


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