Katy TX metal roofing

Katy TX metal roofing

Katy TX metal roofing

Is it true that you are attempting to find the best Katy TX metal roofing? On account of your inquiry, you have found the most phenomenal roofing organization in Katy, TX. All-Star Roof Systems is the best concerning metal roofs. These guys have everything you need for your roof. They are Katy’s first choice concerning roof repairs, commercial roofing, and other roofing services. You won’t have to worry about how enormous your project is because of their broad experience. They can take on your challenge. If there is a rooftop you have been searching for, then they have the means to get it to you.

These guys are incredible at all roofing services, whether it is for a private residence or a business. Also, they’re an innovator in different varieties of rooftops. Some of the roofs they are experts at are TPO and composition rooftops. As a result of their broad skillset, they’re the most favored roofers in Houston. To demonstrate how incredible they will be as your roofing company, the president of Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Todd Miller proudly endorses them. All-Star Roof Systems consistently strives to go above and beyond the competition. Their dedication is the reason they are the best roofing business in the industry.

Numerous individuals are changing their roofs to metal roofs because of the advantages of having a metal rooftop brings. By searching Katy TX metal roofing, chances are you want to make the change too. Or then again, you need to find out more about metal roofs and their advantages. Continue reading to learn more.

Katy TX metal roofing

These are the best metal roofs in the Katy area.

Why Metal Roofs?

Various organizations and property holders utilize metal roofs. For instance, fire stations, apartments, and places of worship use these rooftops. These rooftops are tasteful,  lowers your utility bill, and gives profound security to your home. Concerning residential roofs, metal rooftops have an expansive color pallet to fit with various styles of building. Your metal rooftop doesn’t have to look like metal. It can seem like wood or slate, depending on what you desire.

Albeit metal roofing may initially cost more than asphalt rooftops. However, throughout the lifespan of your home, you will save more with this kind of roof. While deciding on this type of roofing, you can anticipate that re-roof your building will become a thing of the past. This is a result of the sturdiness of metal roofs.

Life span

While asphalt roofs only last about ten to twenty years, a metal roof will be functional for about forty to seventy years. That is an extreme differentiation in life expectancy! Additionally, metal rooftops can withstand 140 miles per hour winds. They, in like manner, don’t require a great deal of upkeep. The most that they need is an assessment from time to time.

Furthermore, they are great for fireproofing your home. Whether it’s a lightning strike or a rampant fire, your roof will stay intact.

Earth Friendly

Saving money is a big deal. When you choose a metal roof, there are many ways that it can save you time and money. In like manner, you will be helping the earth. Customary asphalt roofs add to U.S. landfills because of the re-roofing and repairs. Because metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, you won’t have to re-roof your building as often, which will reduce your waste. On top of all this, 30-60 percent of metal roofs are recycled material.

Along these lines, metal roofs extraordinary for the earth and your house. Additionally, they can save you money in the summer months. This is because they decrease cooling costs by ten to twenty-five percent. With all these benefits, it makes Katy TX metal roofing is the best approach to roofing your home.

Katy TX metal roofing

They come in any color or texture you want. Complement your home with a quality roof today.

Design and Style

Sometimes metal roofs get a bad reputation because it causes many people to think about tin sheds. This style presumably isn’t what you imagined for your home. Regardless, metal rooftops have gained some impressive ground as far as style. You can pick between different kinds of metal and have over a hundred colors to choose from. These roofs can suit everyone’s preferences with this extensive collection of textures and colors.

Metal roofs offer different metals to choose from, such as aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper. Out of these metals, the most popular options are aluminum and steel.  Chances are you have probably seen standing seam metal rooftops. This is a popular style for many who choose metal roofs. In any case, you don’t have to have a metal roof stand out. You can make your metal roof look like wood, clay tiles, or slate.

When you compare asphalt roofs to a metal roof, metal roofs take the cake. Asphalt roofs aren’t as customizable as metal roofs since they have only about twenty colors to choose from. Metal rooftops are progressively versatile and will give you home an exact look you have been needing. Due to the constrained alternatives for asphalt, they essentially aren’t as adjustable as metal roofs. An asphalt roof isn’t capable of achieving your dream look like a metal roof is.


Lightweight shingles are another bit of leeway of picking a metal housetop. Metal roofs are half as heavy as an asphalt roof and a fourth as heavy as a tile roof. With a lightweight roof, installation goes quicker, and fixes are more straightforward. Choosing a metal roof is excellent if you are looking for quick and easy installation.

Additionally, A metal roof’s weight can be installed over the top of your old roof. This saves time and sanity because the old roof doesn’t have to be stripped off—less banging over your head and fewer crew members in your yard. Your metal roof also won’t need additional support after going over the top of the old one. This allows you to have your roof quicker than if you pick an alternate material. Presently, next time you drive by a building with a metal roof, you will know why they went with that kind of roof.

The Best Katy TX metal roofing

If you want one of the greatest roofers in Houston, then you need to choose All-Star Roofing Systems. Since 1965 they have been fixing and installing people’s rooftops.  To get a better roof than your last one, call them at (281) 987-9000. Likewise, you can learn more from their about us, and you can find what regions they serve. If you need Katy TX metal roofing, then call them today.

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