Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply

Have you been looking for a reputable Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply company? Your search is now over, thanks to All-Star Roof Systems! We only use high- quality American made and imported metal roof materials! Whether you’re looking for steel or aluminum, we supply it at competitive prices.

Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply

All-Star Roof Systems has been serving the greater Houston area for over 50 years.

At All-Star Roof Systems, we are proud to say we are the leading residential and commercial metal roofing contractors in the greater Houston area. Our experienced roofing contractors take pride in setting the new standards in roofing solutions. The values we hold are simple to provide high-quality service, unrivaled customer service, valuable expertise, and reasonable prices. Our steadfast worth ethic has launched us to the number one choice for metal roofing services in Houston and surrounding suburbs. We are the experts in aluminum and steel roofing designs. It is our mission to give our clients easy access to authentic top-tier materials at competitive prices. Please take advantage of our Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply complimentary quote!

Why Choose a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are steadily gaining popularity. You may likely have seen establishments and homes with metal roofs but don’t even know it! Many commercial establishments like apartment complexes, restaurants, fire stations, churches, malls, and stores are all starting to take advantage of a steel or aluminum roof’s energy-saving benefits. Not only do metal roofs give you beautiful finish options while lowering your energy bill, but they also provide lifetime protection for your home or commercial building.

Wide Variety

If you are worried about a metal roof’s appearance, please do not worry because All-Star Roof Systems offers a wide variety of colors and stain finishes. We have options to compliment your home or neighborhood. If you are someone who prefers a more traditional look, then we also have metal roofing options that mimic wood shake, slate, or shingles. Our standing seam steel roofs can add a beautiful new addition to your home. The Aluminum shake and shingle roofing can satisfy traditional tastes while providing the ultimate protection.

Aluminum Shake and Shingle Roofing

We are the only authorized dealer of Country Manor Aluminum Shake products in the greater Houston area. Classic Metal Roofing Systems named us the exclusive provider for this aluminum roof choice because of the level of quality and craftsmanship this installation requires. Moreover, Classic Metal Roofing Systems authorizes us to sell and install oxford aluminum shingle and rustic aluminum shingle roofing which they also manufacture.

If charming and traditional sounds appealing to you, then a metal roof that resembles wood shake and shingles are a good choice for you. You can have the classic look of wood with the long-lasting benefits of a metal roof. An Aluminum shake and shingle roof is an investment that you will reap the benefits of for years to come.

Aluminum Roof Design

Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply

Katy TX Metal Roofing products are high quality. Our years of experience earned us an A+ rating from the better business bureau.

All-Star Roof Systems has innovative aluminum roof designs for maximum durability and longevity. The interlocking panels lock on each side of the roof and are proven to stand up against 120 mph hurricane-force winds. The panels for aluminum roofs utilize direct-to-deck technology. We install the panel directly on the roof deck. What this does is eliminate the need for battens. Battens often are flimsy and unreliable. We conceal The fasteners on our roofs to avoid exposure to harsh Texas weather.

You do not have to worry about your fasteners wearing over time. You can expect your metal roof to be resistant against peeling, chipping, and cracking for a lifetime. As mentioned before, our metal roofs save you money by cutting your energy costs. Our aluminum and steel roofs have high SRI and are energy star rated to save you money and the environment.

Made to be Durable

We guarantee that your roof will require no maintenance. An interesting fact about our metal roofs is that they are coastal climate guaranteed. This means they are approved to withstand conditions that can arise from being near the ocean. Finally, we use advanced PVDF finishes on our roofs. We create the PVDF coating to be thermally set. This thermal setting process guarantees long term performance.

Standing Seam Metal

The Stand Seam Metal Roofs from All-Star Roof Systems have a life expectancy of over 40 years. We are continually testing and enhancing your products. By doing this, we are upgrading materials and installation techniques. Our products are constantly evolving to suit the demands of your clients. As a result, we provide you with the most durable and long-lasting metal roofs. You can rest assured that your roof will protect you and your family against the most devastating conditions.

We focus on creating metal roofs that cancel out all adverse effects of bad weather. Our goal is to allow homeowners and businesses to be oblivious to severe weather. Our steel roofs are so durable that the savings you will receive from insurance companies repay the investment of installing a metal roof.

Unmatched Roofing Company

Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply

Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply materials can withstand severe conditions.

Similar to our Aluminum shake and shingle roof, our steel roofing solution uses an interlocking system. Our experienced contractors also utilize non-exposure fasteners for long-lasting quality. All of these elements combined to give you the most protection from the elements outside. Steel roofing designs also come in several colors and finishes. A significant advantage of a steel roof is that we can easily install it over existing composition roofs. In the case that you ever need your old roofing removed, we can help you. Our roof removal services ensure that the previous roof gets taken to a recycling station.

Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply

We are American-made, and partner directly with American metal manufactures to get you the best materials at great prices. All-Star Roof Services cares about contributing to a healthy economy, so we never import aluminum or steel from other countries. Other companies may do this to save money, but they comprise quality doing so. Our team is eager to help you today! Don’t hesitate to visit us if you have any more questions about our Katy TX Metal Roofing Supply!

  •  Fun Facts about Katy, Texas
  • Katy was first settled in the mid-1890s
  • Originally Katy was a small railroad town along the MKT railroad.
  • Rice farming was popular in Katy due to its proximity to the Buffalo Bayou
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