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Are you searching “Houston TX best metal roof contractors near me?” If so, All-Star Roofing Systems provides high-quality products and services for residential and commercial clients. Metal roofs are not the most common type of roof, but they are growing in popularity. Primarily,  metal roofing offers a number of different benefits for home and business owners.

Installing a new roof for your home or business is a big investment. With that said, you want it to save you money over the period of its life and last longer than your last. All-Star Roofing Systems has the roofing solutions for you. We are an experienced, professional, and friendly roofing company.

We understand there are many roofing companies in the Greater Houston area, but none of them are as experienced as us. All-Star Roofing Systems has more than 50 years of experience in the roofing industry. This kind of experience makes us experts in the field.

Houston TX Best Metal Roof Contractors Near Me

Metal roofing is typically made from steel or aluminum.

Metal roofs are complex to install, and many companies are unable to install them properly. If a metal roof is installed poorly, then it can lead to mold and decay inside of the home. Fortunately, All-Star Roofing Systems specializes in metal roofing, which means we will get the job done the right way.

If you are unsure what kind of roofing materials you want to use, then let us convince you metal is the way to go. Our extensive experience has made it clear that metal roofing is the best option for homes and businesses.

Drawbacks of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofing is the most common type of roofing material in the United States. The reason asphalt is so common is because they are the cheapest form of roofing, and they come in a variety of colors. For these reasons, homeowners are more attracted to asphalt shingles. These may seem like nice benefits for asphalt shingles, but they have many drawbacks compared to metal roofs.

Firstly, asphalt only lasts about 20 years. That means homeowners or businesses may need a roof replacement before the end of their lifetime. Replacing a roof is an investment, so people will need to save in order to replace their asphalt roof. Of course, 20 years is an estimate. It all varies on the weather conditions the roof sees. In fact, asphalt shingles will decay the instant elements come in contact with them.

Secondly, asphalt shingle roofs are easily damaged by high winds. The Houston area is hit with tropical storms and hurricanes often. These storms bring strong winds, which are capable of damaging asphalt shingles. Roof repairs will restore the quality of the roof, but it is better to have a roof that will sustain such strong winds.

Finally, asphalt shingle roofs are not environmentally friendly. Asphalt shingles are developed from petroleum by-products, which are not good. Even though asphalt shingles can be recycled, many times, they are brand new shingles.

Houston TX Best Metal Roof Contractors Near Me

Standing Seam Roof

Benefits of Metal Roofs

The most significant advantage of a metal roof over an asphalt one is the length of time it will last. Metal roofs can last more than double the length of an asphalt roof. More specifically, metal roofs last about 50 years. That is a long time and will not require any kind of replacement. Metal roofs do require periodic maintenance in order to secure the quality of the roof. All-Star Roofing Systems can provide inspection and offer repairs if any is needed.

In addition to the lifespan of a metal roof, it is extremely durable. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal withstands hail, strong winds, and rain. These elements can take a large toll on asphalt shingles, which can deplete their lifespan. If you are worried about a dented metal roof, then be aware that the Houston area does not get a lot of hail. Moreover, All-Star Roofing Systems offers professional and efficient repairs.

Another big benefit of a metal roof is its ease of installation. Surprisingly, metal roofs are lighter than the lightest asphalt shingles. This comes as a surprise for some, but it is true. For this reason, metal roofs are easier to install. It also helps that many metal roof systems have their own fastener systems, which speeds up the process.

Even more benefits…

We mentioned asphalt shingles are not environmentally friendly. Well, metal roofs, more specifically steel, are. Steel is the number one most recycled material in the United States. So, many steel roofs are comprised of recycled materials. If the roof needs repaired, then the pieces taken off are recycled. All-Star Roofing Systems can help with that part.

Houston TX Best Metal Roof Contractors Near Me

Metal roofs come in more colors and look more modern than asphalt roofs.

If you thought the benefits of metal roofing stopped there, then you would be wrong. Metal roofs help reduce energy bills. Most metal roofs have a coating that reflects solar heat. The reflected solar heat helps keep the house cooler and the AC from running too much.

Finally, metal roofing improves the safety of the house. Asphalt shingles are flammable while metal roofs help protect against fires and lightning strikes. Metal roofs do now prevent fires from occurring, but they will certainly help defend against them. It is also important to note that it helps protect against fires from outside rather than the inside of the building.

Drawbacks of Metal Roofs

Now, every roofing material has its drawbacks. Metal is no different. The biggest drawback metal roofs have is the price. They are more expensive than the asphalt counterpart. So, homeowners and businesses need to invest in a metal roof in order to reap all the benefits they offer. The other drawback is metal roofs need to be installed correctly in order to benefit the most. Fortunately, All-Star Roofing Systems has the experience and knowledge of metal roofs.

Houston TX Best Metal Roof Contractors Near Me

If you are interested in what a metal roof can do for your home or business, then contact All-Star Roofing Systems today. You can call the team at (281) 987-9000. Ask us about the three types of metal roofs we offer: aluminum, steel, and standing seam. That way, you can stop searching “Houston TX best metal roof contractors near me” and start calling!

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