Preparing for Hurricane Season in Houston

by | Jul 5, 2017

Summertime in Houston, TX means warm weather and sunshine; but, with this also comes the dreaded hurricane season. For the homeowner whose ever experienced a hurricane, you are all too familiar with the damage which can be caused. If you want to ensure your home is prepared, these are a few tips to prepare your home, shield it from possible flooding and major roof damage.

 Buy supplies

Boarding your windows will plywood, having sandbags in place to go around the home’s perimeter, and having strong duct-tape in place to border windows in the event of cracking or chips, is a must. The problem is that most people wait until a hurricane is looming in order to buy supplies. Not only are they costlier, but they are also limited when a hurricane is fast approaching. So, make sure you have these supplies, as well as food, water, fuel, and Sterno fuel in place in the event electricity goes down. Of course flashlights and batteries, as well as some canned foods should be on hand in the event you can’t cook for a few days.

 Check your insurance

Another misconception people have is that as long as they have homeowners insurance they are covered. This is not only a mistake, but can result in major damage and loss not being covered. So, in high risk areas, such as Houston, make sure you have additional food, water damage, and proper flood insurance coverage in place. This should also extend to auto insurance, in the event a window is damaged or the car is damaged by trees or downed wires.

 Back things up

Loss of power doesn’t only hinder your ability to cook a meal or turn on the ac, it can also result in a loss of important documentation. In today’s digital age, we store everything online, and typically don’t think about possibly losing such information in the event of power loss. So make sure you have things stored online, backed up, and secure. Especially if you operate a home business or have important documentation stored on your computer, make sure you back it up.

 Have a plan in place

Another factor people don’t consider is that in some instances a mandatory evacuation is put into effect. Where will you go? How will you get there? Make sure you have a plan in place, a place to stay, and a way to keep your family and pets safe, in the event you have to leave your home during hurricane season. Even if you don’t want to, in emergencies you may be forced to, so you might as well prepare (and do the preparation to your home, such as boarding the windows) early, to avoid last minute struggles and safety concerns.

A hurricane can cause a great deal of roof damage and wreak havoc. But if you prepare early, it can also save plenty of headaches, and make the period a little easier on your family. In the event a major storm is brewing, these are a few ways to prepare early, and ensure your family is ready for the storm which is approaching.

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