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Do you need a Conroe TX aluminum roof? The team at All Star has everything you need to revive your home: don’t be afraid to get the protection and quality you need from our roofing professionals.

What’s so great about metal roofing solutions? This material is far more efficient and durable than the popularized composition roofs. Metal is ideal for protecting your regular roof from harsh weather: if you’re a Houston resident, we highly recommend this. You’re probably well-aware of the many troubles we face as a community, especially during hurricane season. As wonderful as Houston is, it’s often subject to heavy rain, strong winds, and intense thunderstorms. During the winter season, this transforms into heavy hail now and then.

This is why metal roof systems are one of the smartest moves you can make to protect your home. We face severe weather too often for you to leave your home unprotected. Why waste your time dealing with insurance companies that don’t give you the money you need for your repairs? Put it towards something that is guaranteed to protect your home for decades to come instead.


Conroe TX aluminum roof

Ask one of our team members which Conroe TX aluminum roof material is best for you.

There are so many different ways to tackle metal roofing. Regardless of the material or method you choose, the first thing you should know is that all of them consist of interlocking metal sheets with one another. Why is this important? Simply put, this is what makes metal roofs more durable than their composition counterparts. The latter doesn’t interlock with the other shingles; rather, they overlap each other. This leaves room for things to either slip inside or for your shingles to pry off the top of the house in the event of a natural disaster.

This is drama that could easily be avoided with roofing options from All Star, which vary in terms of style and durability. Our most popular is the Country Manor Shake Aluminum: this will give your metal roof a hard-split wooden look. (Someone would have to eye your house considerably to see that’s it’s actually made from metal.) If that isn’t your style, you could always go with the rugged wooden texture of Rustic Aluminum or the smooth metallic panel from Oxford Aluminum instead.

Our options don’t stop there either; if you change your mind on aluminum roofing, you could explore standing seam and steel roofing as well. The advantage of choosing these options is that steel is lighter, and standing seam provides even more durability for your new roof.

You always have plenty of options to choose from for your Conroe TX aluminum roof.


We’ve been in this industry for decades at this point, so we’ve heard nearly every metal roof misunderstanding under the sun. There are all kinds of misconceptions; aren’t you more likely to be struck by lightning? Will the rain be louder? What do you do when your roof begins to rust and corrode? Isn’t your house going to be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter?

The simple answer to any of these questions is no: in fact, the opposite is true for each of these situations.

Debunking Myths

Champions Forest TX standing seam metal roof

Did you know you can customize your roof?

You are not more likely to be struck by lightning with a metal roof; it’s made of other roofing materials besides aluminum and steel. The rain will not hit the metal roof and make more noise than it would a composite one. In fact, we add insulation to the metal during our roofing services; this prevents the rain from making too much noise when it does rain.

You can also be sure that your new metal roof won’t rust over time. Again, this is due to the nature of the metal; it’s optimized to prevent these things from happening. This is the number one reason this roof type is known to last for decades. Moreover, you’ll save yourself tons of money in the long run. Metal is able to deflect the harsh rays from the sun, meaning your home will be cooler than normal. During the winter, it does a fantastic job of keeping the heat inside the house, unlike composite roofs. It’s easier for the air to slip through the cracks of the latter. With a metal roof, you’ll notice that you don’t have to use as much energy.

If you can’t tell already, metal is an exceptional roofing option. It’s a great way to save yourself from dealing with expensive repairs and replacements further down the line. If you haven’t already, you could always turn to our team for more information on what a Conroe TX aluminum roof can do for you.


Conroe TX aluminum roof

All Star offers warranties for extra protection.

Why should you choose All Star out of all roofing companies? We’ve got the best services and, more importantly, the best team you could ask for in all of Houston. We really hone in on providing the best customer service, so you get the roofing solutions you need.

We know that dealing with a damaged roof can be tough,  but that’s why our team will walk you through the entire process. We’ll start with your basic needs: what are you trying to prevent? Are you looking for something to combat terrible weather? What style are you trying to achieve? From that point forward, we can get into more complicated things, such as the interlocking system you’d like to use. We’ll cross everything off your checklist so you can have your dream roof. Here at All Star, it’s our number one priority to make sure you get everything you need and more with our services.

If you’re ready to get your free estimate, don’t be afraid to reach out to your team. Call (281) 987-9000, and we’ll sort out the details for your Conroe TX aluminum roof today.

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  • Lake Conroe spans across 22,000 acres!
  • Conroe was first settled in the 1800s.
  • The downtown business district was developed in the 1890s.
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